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5 Tips on How to Manage Out-of-State Rental Property

Celia Christensen


Webinar Description

The difference between a profitable residential real estate investment and a failing one so often comes down to one thing: Property Management

If you’re looking for a more passive investing approach, hiring a good property manager can make your job as a landlord feel like a breeze.

In this video we’re taking a deep dive into property management, providing 5 tips for how to manage out-of-state rental property:

  1. How to identify the right property manager
  2. What is my role as a passive investor?
  3. How do I know if the property manager is placing qualified tenants in my property?
  4. Are my expectations for a property manager realistic?
  5. Plus, we’ll answer your questions!

We are joined by two top property managers in our network who tackle some of the trickier property management issues landlords can face. Don’t skip this!

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