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You can meet with an Investment Counselor either by phone or in person at one of our California or Florida offices.

Your strategy session will last approximately 30-40 minutes. That being said, we want to make sure that your investment counselor can help you focus on what’s most important during your meeting.

This strategy session is a chance for us to look at your goals from investing, your current experience, your resources and then, to create a plan for your next steps.

Keep in mind that we are NOT tax professionals or advisors; we are counselors. After we better understand your situation we’ll be able to refer you to the markets and investments that make the most sense for you.[memb_is_logged_in][memb_has_any_tag tagid=-16664,-15717]

Step1 : Compete the strategy session intake form

Please answer the following questions, some being optional. There is no right or wrong answer, this just gives us a fuller picture of your situation, to assist us.[wpv-view name=”snippets” ids=”9234″]


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Step 2 – RealWealth FAQ’s

1. Please understand that we do not help our members “flip” homes for quick profits. Rather, we specialize in helping people build generational wealth through the acquisition of high cash-flow income properties.

2. If you plan to purchase property with all cash, you will need to have at least $60,000. We have found that most investment properties under $50k tend to be in less than desirable neighborhoods with potential high crime rates, vandalism and high turnover with tenants.

3. If you plan to use your IRA funds to invest in property, you’ll need to have at least $50k in your IRA. In some cases there may be limited financing available using your IRA. These banks usually require 50% down with a minimum $50,000 loan amount.

4. If you plan to obtain conventional financing to purchase investment property you will most likely need:

  • a credit score of at least 680 (740 is ideal)
  • a two year job history at a US company
  • at least a 20% down payment (in some cases, 15%, but there are some extra costs)
  • six months reserves (in savings or your retirement fund)
  • a low debt to income ratio
  • not more than ten financed properties on your current credit report

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*A copy of this FAQ will be emailed to [memb_contact fields=Email] for your records, upon submission.[wpv-view name=”snippets” ids=”10308″]

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Step 3 – RealWealth Disclaimer

We want you to know…

RealWealth offers its members a referral–based service for purchasing cash-flowing investment property located throughout the United States.

The companies in our investment referral network (also known as “property teams”) are not employees of the RealWealth. They are separately-owned and separately-managed companies that offer investment properties for sale to our members. RealWealth does not have control over their business practices and makes no representation or warranty about their business practices.

RealWealth conducts a first-level screening of these property teams prior to including them into our referral network in the following ways:

  • Background checks
  • References (at least three investors who have successfully bought)
  • Review of the quality and standards of their renovation work
  • Experience and time in the wholesaling/renovation business
  • Willingness to discount pricing for our members
  • A basic review of their property management system
  • Speed and professionalism of their communication
  • Adequate office support/staff

Normally we refer a small number of our members and monitor feedback before allowing an Affiliate to fully participate in referrals.

The purchasing power of the RealWealth allows us to favorably negotiate pricing and pass on the additional savings to our members. As such, the prices set by our property teams are firm and represent what we believe to be the best available pricing for the level of service offered.

While RealWealth uses best efforts and proven protocols to screen, review, and understand the operations of each of its property teams and their related companies, we cannot and do not guarantee the performance of investments offered through these companies. It is the responsibility of the investor to perform his/her own due diligence and analysis before retaining an Affiliate and prior to purchasing an investment property.

For anyone purchasing a property, RealWealth requires you to:

  • Order an inspection from a licensed home inspector.
  • Order an appraisal (if financing, the lender will automatically order one. If paying all cash then order one.)

How and when we share your information with Affiliate…

Once you have access to our property teams and their contact information through, we reserve the right to share your name, phone number and email with property teams in the markets that you have expressed interest in. Interest is shown during a strategy session or while visiting one of our market or syndication pages on
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*A copy of this Disclaimer will be emailed to [memb_contact fields=Email] for your records, upon submission.[wpv-view name=”snippets” ids=”10308″]

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Step 4 – REAL Income Property™ Standards & Investor Checklist

Available properties are low in supply across the nation and sell very quickly. You need to be able to move quickly if you hope to acquire rentals. However, you also don’t want to make a mistake in your haste.

REAL Income Property™ Standards

If you’re working with a property team and are considering purchasing a property and that property does not meet our REAL Income Property™ Standards below, please contact your investment counselor.

  • R – Renovated (to REAL Income Property™ Standards)
  • E – Examined (through inspections)
  • A – Appraised (purchase price at or below market value)
  • L – Licensed property management

Investor Checklist

Here is a checklist of absolute “to-do’s” before making any purchase:

  1. Know your strategy and goals before purchasing property. Meet with your RealWealth investment counselor for strategic planning and market feedback.
  2. After your strategy session, review the Best Markets pages on RealWealth’s website to better understand which team and metro meets your strategy.
  3. If financing, get pre-approved by an RealWealth preferred lender before speaking with one of the property providers (ask your investment counselor for the lender list.)
  4. If performing a 1031 exchange, do your market research far in advance as you will have only 45 days to identify replacement property. The property providers need plenty of advanced notice due to low housing inventory.
  5. Once you are ready to buy with a strategy in place and pre-approval letter in hand, contact one of RealWealth’s preferred turnkey providers to see available property. Please direct any general investing questions to RealWealth, as the property teams need to focus on finding property.
  6. Due to low inventory, you may be looking at newly built homes. We do not recommend investing in subdivisions that are largely rental – UNLESS all units are under one management company (much like a horizontal apartment.) Otherwise, if multiple owners/property managers are involved in managing rentals in one subdivision, we recommend that only 30% of the properties be rentals.
  7. Consider visiting the market for a property tour once you’ve decided to buy. You can go on an RealWealth tour or book one independently.
  8. Speak with the property management before purchase to make sure you understand rents, management fees and their company structure.
  9. Once you choose a property and sign a contract, always ask for contingencies for a 3rd party appraisal and inspection.
  10. Compare the inspection report to RealWealth’s R.E.A.L. turnkey standards. If repairs are needed after viewing the report, be sure to send the inspector back to verify that the work has been completed before closing.
  11. Get quotes for homeowners insurance and make sure the policy is in place before you close.
  12. Let your property manager know the close date so he or she can start marketing for tenants.
  13. You will need to notarize your closing documents on the closing date. You can consider flying to the market for a final walk-through and sign there, or you can have the closing documents sent to a notary where you live.
  14. Once you close, review your property management statements each month and verify that rents have hit your bank account.
  15. Please let RealWealth know of any concerns or questions along the way. We are not brokers in these states, and cannot give advice on the individual property, but we can give you general investing tips that may save you lots of time and effort.
  16. If the property providers on our referral list present opportunities outside of single family rentals, please let your RealWealth investment counselor know right away. This way, we can to take a look and help ensure that it’s not too far out of their wheelhouse of expertise.

Remember, RealWealth exists to help you succeed. Please reach out to us with questions along the way. We are here for you!
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*A copy of this REAL Income Property™ Standards & Investor Checklist will be emailed to [memb_contact fields=Email] for your records, upon submission.

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