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Become a RealWealth Property Team

If you are a turnkey property provider who provides excellent products and service, we’re interested in working with you.

At RealWealth, we provide educated ready-to-buy investor referrals to outstanding turnkey property providers.

RealWealth spends a lot of time and money attracting potential investors into its network, educating them on investing strategies (cash flow, appreciation) and on specific markets. We then refer them to vetted providers like you.

Are you interested in working with us or learning more?

About RealWealth

RealWealth was founded in 2003 by Rich and Kathy Fettke with a goal of helping people create “real wealth”, defined as “having the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms”.

To help its members achieve this goal, RealWealth provides them with free education (articles, videos, weekly webinars, podcasts and live, in-person events) and investment opportunities (1-4 unit residential properties in growing metros with vetted home builders, turnkey providers and property management).

We Bring You Educated, Qualified Buyers

RealWealth spends a lot of time and money attracting potential investors into its network, educating them on investing strategies (cash flow, appreciation) and on specific markets. During strategy sessions, our Investment Counselors qualify these potential investors for interest in your market and financing.

RealWealth currently has over 60,000 members, many of whom will be interested in investing in your market.

On average, RealWealth members purchase 30-60 properties per month. In 2022, more than 50% of the properties purchased by RealWealth members were repeat investors.

National Exposure

Our Co-Founders, Kathy and Rich Fettke are nationally known authors and educators in the real estate investing space and are frequent speakers at industry events. Kathy often hosts RealWealth property providers as guests on her various podcasts, gaining them national exposure:


Twice a Week


100,000 Per Month
150,000 Per Month

Multiple Marketing Channels

In addition to the podcasts, RealWealth produces weekly webinars, sends out weekly educational and promotional newsletters, and publishes weekly blog posts and articles. We feature investing topics, philosophies, current market conditions and predictions, etc. RealWealth may solicit resource partners and Property Teams to appear as guest contributors or be a featured guest on outlets.

Faster Closings

For providers of renovated properties, there’s no need to wait until the renovation is almost complete before marketing the property. RealWealth members will put the property under contract as renovation begins and line up their financing while you’re renovating the property. In most cases, you’ll close around the time the renovation is complete. Faster closings = shorter cycle time = more projects completed each year.

Virtual & In-Person Live Events

For our Property Teams only, RealWealth currently hosts monthly virtual Mastermind Zooms for sharing and collaboration with other industry professionals. Property Teams are invited to be a part of this exclusive success building community.

For our investor members, RealthWealth hosts both virtual and in-person live events to provide education and networking with the Property Teams.

RealWealth’s Role

Real Wealth is a referring broker only and licensed in California. Our standard referral fee is 3.5% of purchase price.

We can’t get involved with specific property purchases in other states per CA Department of Real Estate (DRE) regulations. While we cannot get involved, we do monitor and report on issues experienced by our members with specific teams through a documented process. We use this feedback to refine our referral list.

When members sign up on the RealWealth portal, members sign this disclaimer before being able to view any PT information on behalf of RealWealth: Realty Portal Disclaimer

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are entrepreneurial;
  • We value freedom and balance;
  • We discover and apply our unique abilities;
  • We love to have fun, be silly, and work playfully;
  • We respect each other, count on each other, and love one another;
  • We care for our society, our partners, our customers, and our employees

Our Core (ATOMIC) Values

We do what we say we will do. We take ownership and responsibility. We hold each other accountable.

We practice open and honest communication.

We start with trust and then verify. We look for the best in others, their dreams, ideas and goals. We see challenges as adventures and face them with creativity and positivity.

We strive for continuous improvement – personal, professional, intellectual & financial.

We walk the talk. We do the right thing. We understand that honesty is always the best policy.

We connect people. We care and we share. We are like family and we’re better together.

Thank you for your interest in joining our group of Property Teams! We look forward to discussing the next steps with you.

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