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Becoming a RealWealth member is free—yes, 100% free!

Do you want to gain the knowledge and connections you need to build a real estate portfolio without paying a costly price tag? When you join RealWealth, you get all our real estate education, property team connections, and industry resources for FREE! Why? We all start somewhere, and as seasoned investors who believe in paying it forward, we want you to have the tools you need to build a life of real wealth.

Like you, our members join RealWealth to expand their knowledge and build their real estate portfolios. They are a mix of new and experienced real estate investors of all ages. They find they can invest quicker and smarter with our real estate education, property team connections, and investor resources.

While every member—more than 75,000—comes to our community at a different stage in their real estate investing journey, here are the four essential steps members take.

Step 1:
Become a RealWealth Member

Join RealWealth and accelerate your real estate investing knowledge.

Step 2:
Connect with Property Teams

Schedule a free strategy session & connect with nationwide property teams around the U.S.

Step 3:
Choose Your Real Estate Investments

Review single-family, multi-family, commercial, group investments and more!

Step 4:
Enjoy Real Wealth

Build a real estate portfolio that gives you the money and freedom to live life on your own terms.

Step 1: Join RealWealth

Once you become a RealWealth member, you can access everything inside the Realty Portal, such as:

  • Expert-led webinars
  • Educational tools & resources
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Investor downloads
  • In-person property tours
  • Personalized strategy sessions
  • Vetted property teams
  • Trusted real estate partnerships
  • Dedicated investment counselor

We suggest starting with our core curriculum series and educational resources, such as blog articles, webinars and market reports. Many members dive right into:

  • Viewing real estate pro formas for single-family and multi-family rental properties from vetted property teams nationwide.
  • Registering and attending our weekly webinars that highlight:
    • The best markets for real estate investors
    • Nationwide property teams
    • Trending educational real estate topics
    • Connecting with our preferred network of investor-friendly CPAs, lenders, 1031 exchange facilitators and more.
    • Scheduling a time to talk with their investment counselor, who owns investment property and has experience in the markets we recommend.
    • Connecting to experienced nationwide property teams who can help them buy and manage property from anywhere.
    • Starting the process with a mortgage lender so they are ready when it comes time to choose an investment property.

Once you feel ready to invest, schedule a strategy session with your investment counselor. Our counselors do a great job listening and learning about each member’s unique situation and investment goals. Once they understand more about your goals, they’ll recommend a few markets and make personalized introductions to our recommended lenders and property teams.

If you plan to use a traditional lender for your real estate investing, we suggest getting pre-approved as soon as you feel comfortable. Even if you are still deciding whether to invest now, they can offer guidance on being financially prepared and tips for establishing good credit. You can find our preferred list of trusted lenders in the member portal.

In addition, many members:

While membership doesn’t cost you anything, we do need to make money to support our members and employees. Find how we we get paid.

Step 2: Connect With Experienced Nationwide Property Teams

When investing out of state, knowing what real estate market to invest in and who to trust can take time and effort. Our members find us to be the perfect solution. Every year, we dedicate significant time to researching top-performing real estate markets for investors. Once we find a market that meets our requirements, we identify and vet property teams that adhere to our R.E.A.L. Income Property™ standards.

These trusted teams:

  • Find distressed properties.
  • Rehab those properties and get them rent-ready.
  • Build new construction properties in select markets.
  • Offer to sell these turnkey properties to our members with property management in place.

We work with several vetted property teams in select markets around the United States. When choosing these teams, we focus on:

  • Quality, not quantity. Having endless investment property deals is convenient, but it could be short-sighted.
  • Relationships. As investors, we understand that long-term success with real estate investments depends largely on the team working on our behalf. We know the property teams and managers we refer to, and they know us.

Because of these two factors, our vetting process is lengthy and rigorous. To remain on our list, RealWealth property teams must receive continued positive feedback from our members.

Once you’ve chosen your real estate market, connect with the team in that market. This is the perfect opportunity to build your relationship. Ask them questions and learn how they keep properties occupied and well-maintained. You’ll receive investment properties to review once you are on their mailing list.

As a RealWealth member, you’ll have access to a wide range of information about RealWealth property teams, including webinars, reviews, sample single-family and multi-family investment properties, and real estate pro formas.

Step 3: Choose Your Investment Properties

For many, this is a favorite step. As investment properties roll into your email inbox, you can “crunch the numbers” to see how they will perform and how they can add value to your real estate portfolio.

RealWealth Investment Property Types:

  • REAL Income Properties™: Properties that conform to RealWealth’s REAL Income Property™ standards. These properties have been rehabbed within the last 12 months before being marketed for sale.
  • Rental Resale Properties: Properties that do not conform to RealWealth’s REAL Income Property™ standards are typically properties that may not have been rehabbed in the last 12 months.
  • New Construction Properties: These are brand-new properties usually purchased directly from a builder. Some teams that RealWealth works with are the builder or developer themselves, and others have identified local builders who are building tenant-optimized properties. Some of these properties are sold in the pre-construction phase, which means they could take several months to complete, and most are located in infill lot locations.
  • Group Investments & Syndications: To learn more about these options, visit Grow Developments.
  • If you are doing a 1031 exchange: Take caution when identifying a property that is under construction or currently being rehabbed because it might not be ready by your deadline. Ensure the property team knows your 1031 deadlines and accounts for any possible delays.

With your pre-approval from a lender (if you are going the traditional route), you are ready to make offers on properties. All you need to do is reach out to that team! Don’t forget your investment counselors are here for you. As investors themselves, they’ve experienced a wide range of transactions and situations and can offer guidance.

During this time, you’ll also want to start building your team, which includes home inspectors, CPAs, asset protection lawyers and more. You can find all of these in the member portal.

Step 4: Build a Life of Real Wealth

Everything we provide positions you to create a tailored real estate portfolio that helps you build the lifestyle and freedom you desire. What that life of real wealth looks like is up to you, but we want you to feel empowered by your answer.

For us, real wealth is having both the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms. We believe the best way to achieve this type of wealth is by owning income-producing assets, specifically real estate.

Although today, cash flow is not nearly as good as it used to be, savvy investors are still buying. Unlike many newbies, experienced investors realize that things are always changing and understand that looking at the total return on investment is essential instead of cash flow or appreciation alone.

Remember, in many cases, you’ll be purchasing a property by taking out a 30-year fixed mortgage. This gives you a long time for property values and rents to increase while your costs stay relatively flat. In other words, the numbers may look worse now, and will likely improve over time.

Long story short, it’s important to learn how to recognize when continued growth is most likely to happen in a particular market and buy now instead of losing out on opportunities by waiting for things to change. After all, success in real estate is less about timing the market and more about time IN the market.

How RealWealth Makes Money

At RealWealth, we believe that education should be free. Therefore, we do not charge for educational webinars, articles, blogs, or podcasts! However, like all businesses, we need to make money to support our members and employees. We do this in three primary ways.

  1. Broker-to-Broker Referral Agreements: RealWealth is a licensed brokerage in California. When we refer a member to a property team and that member chooses to purchase an investment through them, we receive a predetermined broker-to-broker referral fee from the proceeds of the sale. There is NO additional cost to the investor.
  2. Sponsorships: We have curated a list of key resource partners who can help you with your real estate investments. These include mortgage companies and brokers, CPAs/accountants, attorneys, insurance companies, etc. We select these resource partners based on their expertise and our internal vetting process. Once approved, resource partners pay to advertise on our site and teach informational classes to our members. This allows us to offer our members FREE classes taught by experts.
  3. Books: Our founders, Rich and Kathy Fettke, are awesome and they have both written fantastic books about real estate investing. Kathy’s book, Retire Rich with Rentals, and Rich’s book, The Wise Investor: a Modern Parable About Creating Financial Freedom and Living Your Best Life, are available wherever books are sold.

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