Huntsville Real Estate Market 2023: Forecast & Predictions

2023 Housing Market Overview

Huntsville Real Estate Market 2023

Huntsville Real Estate Market Overview

Metro Population: 503K

Median Household Income:$57,000

Unemployment Rate:1.9%

Median Home Price*:$292,797

Median Monthly Rent*:$1,498

Huntsville Real Estate Market 2023

Interested in investing in the Huntsville real estate market in 2023? On this page you’ll learn about housing market trends and statistics to help you make that decision.

About Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama is a city centrally located in northern Alabama. It is the county seat of Madison County and extends into neighboring Limestone County. Huntsville is Alabama’s largest city, with a population of over 200,000 residents.

The town of Huntsville, Alabama was first settled in 1805. It was named Twickenham after Alexander Pope’s English home at the request of Leroy Pope. However, the town was renamed “Huntsville” on November 25th 1811 after its first settler, John Hunt. The area grew across nearby hills and along the Tennessee River, adding textile mills, then munitions factories to become a major city.

The Huntsville metropolitan area had 502,728 residents in 2021, making it the second most populous metropolitan area in the state after the Birmingham metropolitan area. More than 40 Fortune 500 companies including Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Jacobs Engineering Group and many more have branches in Huntsville.

The Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce has been supportive of space exploration since the 1950s, and its efforts have resulted in a technology and research park here: Cummings Research Park (CRP). Due to the transient nature of many workers in this area, who are mostly well-paid talent from around the world who would prefer to rent rather than buy homes, there are a lot of opportunities for investors.

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Major Employers in Huntsville

Huntsville Housing Market News

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  • "#23 Best Place To Rent" - WalletHub, July 2018
  • "#7 Best Place To Live" - U.S. News, April 2018
  • "#2 Up & Coming Tech Hotspots" - Livability, September 2018
  • "#1 of The Best Places to Live in America’s New Tech Hubs" - Trulia, February 2018

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