Real Estate Math: How to “Crunch the Numbers” to Guide Your Decision Making

Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor

Joe Torre


Webinar Description

In this video, Investment Counselor Joe Torre will discuss some business decisions he sees investors struggle with all the time – and how you as a real estate investor can crunch the numbers to help your own decision-making.

Some common decisions include:

  • Should I use my extra cash to pay off one of my mortgages – or buy another property
  • Should I raise rents as much as possible and risk losing a tenant?
  • My Florida property just went up by $40K – does the deal still make sense?
  • Should I take out a HELOC to buy an investment property?
    • …and more

Numbers are the nuts-and-bolts of real estate investing, so join us here and see how “running the numbers” can help you manage your portfolio.

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Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor
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