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Multi Family Investor Horror Stories

Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor

Joe Torre


In the spirit of the Halloween season, you are invited to our fourth-annual special webinar: “Investor Horror Stories – Halloween 2020”.

This year’s horror stories will focus on issues investors can have with multi-family properties, as this type of investing only continues to increase in popularity.

Multi-family properties are a great vehicle for building wealth:
-Increased cash flow
-Only one loan for multiple units
-Easier to manage (four units under one roof rather than four separate units)

Still, there are issues the savvy investor should be aware of:
-Common area expenses paid by the owner
-Potentially higher tenant turnover
-More risk from rent control initiatives

If you’d like to know more about multi-family investing and what opportunities are available to RealWealth members, reach out to your investment counselor. 

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Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor
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