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General Questions

We are primarily an education company. We identify markets that are worth investing in. We then go into those markets and identify property teams who adhere to our R.E.A.L. Income Property™ standards. These teams identify distressed properties, rehab them, and then offer to sell them to our members, with property management.

Once our members feel they are ready (and qualified) to invest, we offer them a complimentary “strategy session” with one of our investment counselors. Our counselors do a great job listening and learning about each member’s unique situation and what their investment goals are. They then recommend a few different markets and connect the member with our property teams in those markets.

Schedule a Strategy Session now.

Welcome! As a new member to RealWealth we recommend you give our “Learn” tab a good look through. There you will be able to find all of your educational needs including popular topics under the “Learning Center” section.

We also recommend that you tune in to our weekly webinars, which you can learn more about under the “Connect” tab.

You can also watch any previously aired webinars under “New & Noteworthy” in the Learning Center.

Kathy Fettke’s podcasts “The Real Wealth Show” and “Real Estate News for Investors” are also a great way to learn more about real estate investing and RealWealth. Those can also be found under the “Learn” tab as well. Finally, once you are ready to invest or have specific questions regarding markets and your investment needs, we recommend you Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session with one of our Investment Counselors.

Strategy Session

The best way to schedule a Strategy Session would be to become a member of RealWealth so that you have access to the Investor Portal. Once inside the Portal you’ll be able to schedule a Strategy Session. Click here to visit the Portal.

If you have had a Strategy Session with an Investment Counselor, their information can be found in the Investor Portal under “Investment Counselor” in the side menu.

Property Teams

The first step is to have a Strategy Session. You can get started with that here. Once you’ve had a Strategy Session, simply go to the Investor Portal, then click Single Family Rentals on side menu, and then select the market you are interested in. From there you’ll see the Property Team’s name and contact information.

The first step is to have a Strategy Session. You can get started with that here. Once you’ve had a Strategy Session, simply go to the Investor Portal, then click Single Family Rentals on side menu, and then select the market you are interested in. From there you’ll see a 1-3 tabs called “Sample Property.”

Events & Webinars

Yes, you need to be a RealWealth member to attend one of our live events. You can join here.

Note: If you plan to bring a guest to a live event, please have them join the network as well. Thanks!

Anyone is welcome to attend our live events so long as they are a member themselves and have also gone through the registration process. This allows for us to keep tabs on our attendance. Please have your guest join the network here. Thanks!

Yes! All of our webinars are recorded. Recorded educational webinars are then posted to our “Recent Webinars” section on our website roughly 24 hours after they play live. You can find them here.

Webinars about specific teams are only available for RealWealth members in the Investor Portal. You can join the network here.

Group Investments / Crowdfunding

Yes, RealWealth does offer groups investments. You can learn more here.

If you’re interested in investing in one of our group investments click here to join RealWealth.

If you are a member of RealWealth and you are logged into the Investor Portal, you will be able to find specifics information, including offering documents, by clicking on Land Development, Land Entitlement, Opportunity Zones, International Projects or SFR Funds in the side menu.

Accredited means you have one or more of the following: Income of $200K or more for an individual or $300K for a couple for each of the last two years, OR Net worth over $1M excluding your primary residence. Please check out this podcast from our Real Wealth Show or read this article, and feel free to contact our with further questions.

Additional Questions

To find out exactly what a 1031 Exchange is, read our post How To Do a 1031 Exchange: Rules & Definitions for Investors.

Here is what RealWealth can do to help:

  1. We can connect you with our vast network of real estate professionals, including 1031 exchange facilitators, lenders, CPAs, and more.
  2. If you’re a member, make sure you are logged into the Investor Portal, and check out the 1031 Exchange Facilitator link under “Resources” in the side menu.
  3. If you’re not a member of the network, click here to sign up.  It’s 100% free, and always will be.
  4. We can also help you acquire replacement properties in the markets across the country. Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session here.

Our list of preferred lenders and other referrals are in the Investor Portal under the “Resources” section in the side menu.

RealWealth actually doesn’t sell or list properties to sell to our members directly. We have property teams in markets across the U.S. who do that. You would need to become a Property Team with RealWealth in order to sell to our members.

RealWealth is an educational company, earning income through sponsorships, books and educational courses.

Real Wealth Realty is a California-licensed real estate brokerage, receiving broker-to-broker referral fees.

No, RealWealth is not an MLM.

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