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This is a RealWealth Story about focus, discipline, connection, and working together with your partner!

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She’s a mother of 6, grandmother of 19, and says her claim to fame isn’t just all the green smoothies she’s made, but a real estate empire that helps pay for it all.

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In this episode, you’ll hear how Sophie and Ben turned those properties into a cash flow machine by investing out-of-state, and created real wealth about 15 years earlier than they had planned.

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The key to buying real estate may no longer be “location, location, location.” According to one long-time real estate investor, it’s now “property management, property management, property management.”

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It’s a story of romance and financial freedom. Learn how Rachael and Patrick both built a real estate portfolio to secure their financial future during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Many investors work their way up from single-family rentals to larger multi-families, but Richard did just the opposite.

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COVID-19 gave 29-year-old tech worker, Will, the opportunity to move from an expensive apartment in San Francisco to sunny Palm Beach, Florida, while also paving the way for financial freedom.

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What started off as a dream for Ryan and MaryAnne to own their own home in their 20s, turned into a passion for real estate investing and plans to retire by the age of 40. They are approaching their 40th birthdays and are right on track.

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Kevin and Michelle are two 30-somethings with W2 jobs in the Sacramento area, but they are also passionate about passively investing in real estate.

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If you put in the time and the effort, you can build wealth through real estate. But there are always surprises along the way, even for experienced investors.

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After Ryan had a near-death experience, he and his wife, Christina, decided their lives had to change. They began investing in cash flowing real estate and took a year off to go sailing and travel through Europe with their two boys.

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Their story is inspiring. They don’t own a home or a lot of possessions, but that's given them the freedom to travel, and the funds to buy investment property.

Retired early and can now focus on what matters most.

Turned 1 failing beach house into 7 cash flowing properties.​

Increased income 6 times by 1031 exchanging one property into multiple properties.

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Written Testimonials

"RealWealth. Wow, what superstars, all throughout their organization - the entire crew is composed of All-Stars! They have been tremendously supportive in so many ways. From providing - get this, for FREE? - a wealth of information and resources, to providing seasoned RE investment counseling and ideas to numerous invaluable podcasts to established Real Estate (RE) investing relationships & resources throughout our great country, which we can tap into, thanks to them. I have learned a tremendous amount due to my association with RWN. I highly encourage you to join, get involved with them. Learn. Question, and learn more. Invest. Build wealth, generational wealth. Get back what you can't make more of - that invaluable resource of time - with family, loved ones, your choice. Yes, you CAN do this, you CAN be a real estate investor and build that future for you and your loved ones. Real Wealth is one of the best tools to help you get there. No, this is not a paid solicitation. Somebody clued me in some time ago. I'm passing on the tremendous favor, paying forward. Good luck!"

— Roger S.

"RealWealth has changed our life. Incredible educational tools, supportive investment counselors and extraordinary teams on the ground!"

— Rachael Julian

"This a Dream 'Real Estate' Team / Network to work with. The learning or educational experience for me has been immense and very useful. The content on Real Wealth's website, YouTube channel, Podcast, Blog posts are very rich in content and at the same time very pragmatic. Overall a no nonsense team of experts giving you the best advice when it comes to real estate investing and financial education."​

— Prem Vivek

"In appreciation to RealWealth I want to share this review and experience for anyone in a similar situation to ours. My wife and I are first-time real estate investors. After googling around we discovered RWN, read the website material, looked at the reviews and decided to join. It’s free so why not. Our experience felt professional from the start. With some time on our hands during COVID we dove into the recorded webinars with different property management companies (affiliates of RWN) in different areas around the country and in this way we got a feel for the basics of investing in rentals—both by hearing the property managers and from their Q&A with other investors. It also gave us a good feel for the various markets (areas) and the differences between them. We also watched the New Investor Curriculum webinars which filled in a lot of the other blanks in our minds and gave us confidence to move to the next step. We selected a handful of affiliate property managers in different markets to reach out to. We also spoke to a handful of affiliate lenders and got pre-qualified with one of them before talking to the property managers. We then looked at the various properties available from these companies and selected one in our price range (a little higher maybe) with the company we felt best about. After some more thought we pulled the trigger and signed with them. Throughout this whole process we were guided by an amazing and talented coach/advisor, Leah, who worked with us from the very beginning and was available for advice by phone and email any time we needed it. We finally closed on the property and started receiving income from our new investment. This took some time because the house was was not yet built when we selected the property. But it was successfully appraised and inspected and, by the time we closed, the PM company had already signed a tenant, so there was zero vacancy time. We did have a significant hiccup with one of the affiliate companies we were working with where we needed to reach an agreement. Leah and RWN immediately stepped in to mediate the issue and within hours it was resolved to our complete relief and satisfaction. This is the reason I am writing this review—I was so grateful for their assistance and I would not have expected this level of VIP support just for joining RWN as a small time investor. Keeping in mind it is free. If you’re reading this as a novice real estate investor trying to evaluate RWN, hopefully our experience can be helpful to you."

— Scott Mahrle

"My life has changed with RealWealth! Recently, I decided to stay in the United States. However, the residence became a biggest hurdle for our family due to the ridiculous housing price in the bay area, California. Everyone around advised me to buy a house ASAP and pay the mortgage instead of paying high priced rent (Not a single person has a different opinion). Nevertheless, based on my own calculation, I have to live a slave-like life for 10-20 years if I purchase an over $1 million house here. I could not sleep after I realized this gloomy future. I did not want this kind of life when I decided to live in the US with the expectation of a bright future. There must be some way to survive. I researched and studied all the information to figure out the way out and finally I found that buying an investment property and paying my rent with the income is the way to go. But, how? I cannot make any profit if I buy the investment rental in California. The problem was solved when I found Kathy Fettke’s book and joined RealWealth. I could connect to my Investment Counsellor soon after I joined RealWealth. It was not easy to make the first step in this new world but a surprisingly smooth ride has followed once I make a decision to move forward. I was getting better one after one another and this process gave me a change of my life and total control of it. Now I am a different version of a person. I truly appreciate the RealWealth and confidently recommend them for people who want a better version of life for you and your family!"

— Yongshin

Do you have a story about creating real wealth? Share it with us!

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