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RealWealth offers its members a referral–based service for purchasing cash-flowing investment property located throughout the United States.

The companies in our investment referral network (also known as “property teams”) are not employees of the RealWealth. They are separately-owned and separately-managed companies that offer investment properties for sale to our members. RealWealth does not have control over their business practices and makes no representation or warranty about their business practices.

RealWealth conducts a first-level screening of these property teams prior to including them into our referral network in the following ways:

  • Background checks
  • References (at least three investors who have successfully bought)
  • Review of the quality and standards of their renovation work
  • Experience and time in the wholesaling/renovation business
  • Willingness to discount pricing for our members
  • A basic review of their property management system
  • Speed and professionalism of their communication
  • Adequate office support/staff
  • Normally we refer a small number of our members and monitor feedback before allowing a property team to fully participate in referrals.

While RealWealth uses best efforts and proven protocols to screen, review, and understand the operations of each of its property teams and their related companies, we cannot and do not guarantee the performance of investments offered through these companies. It is the responsibility of the investor to perform his/her own due diligence and analysis before retaining a property team and prior to purchasing an investment property.

For anyone purchasing a property, RealWealth strongly encourages you to:

  • Order a full home inspection from a licensed home inspector, even if the property team provides one for you.
  • Order an appraisal (if financing, the lender will automatically order one. If paying all cash then order one.)

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