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Benefit 1: Free Education for Investors

RealWealth offers free and affordable education for real estate investors. Here are a few ways to take advantage of this member benefit:

Learning Center
RealWealth’s learning center is a comprehensive directory of (mostly) free educational content created specifically for investors. With your free membership you can access all content for free, except for Real Wealth Investor Academy video modules, which are reserved for Academy Members only. In this area of our site, you’ll find blog posts, articles, video courses, investor case studies, podcast episodes, and more. Visit our New & Noteworthy page to see what’s new.

Learn by Topic
There are a variety of ways to use the RealWealth Learning Center to find answers to your most pressing questions. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on the most important real estate investing topics, you can easily do so using our Explore by Topic feature. To get started, simply click Learn in the main menu, and then select the topic you want to learn about in the menu drop-down bar.

Breaking News for Investors
Visit the Real Estate News topic directory in our learning center to learn about the latest news stories, trade secrets, and expert predictions that will help you (a) stay ahead of the curve, (b) make educated real estate decisions, and (c) invest successfully. Breaking news stories are published daily.

Benefit 2: Live Education & Networking

Many investment groups push back of the room sales. We do not. Keep your wallet at home! There is never any pressure to buy or do anything at our events, except learn. Here are a few ways get started:

Live Weekly Webinars
Free webinars are hosted live every Thursday from 12pm to 1pm pst. Attending a webinar is a great way to get the latest information about today’s best investment markets. Click here to learn more and/or register for our next webinar.

Webinar Replays
Can’t watch the webinar live? No problem! Webinars recordings (we call them “Webinar Replays”) are generally posted to our New & Noteworthy page on Fridays. If you are registered for a webinar, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the replay.

Monthly Live Events
RealWealth hosts live-events in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles (almost) every month. Live events are a great way to meet our turnkey partners from around the country, view properties available for purchase, and also network with other RealWealth members. Click here to reserve your spot for the next live-event!

R.E.A.L. Income Property™ Tours
Property Tours offer a great opportunity to mingle with other RealWealth investors while also meeting the wholesalers, rehabbers, and property managers. You will learn about the best neighborhoods for both cash flow today and appreciation in the future, understand what’s driving growth in the area, and more!

Benefit 3: Free Personal Mentorship & Coaching

Complimentary Strategy Sessions
You can meet with an Investment Counselor either by phone or in person at one of our California offices or our Florida office. Strategy sessions generally last about 30-45 minutes. During this time you can discuss your personal investment goals, strategy, your in-depth question. Booking is quick and easily, and every session is 100% complementary.

Benefit 4: Network of “Tried and True” Professionals

We work with property managers, who earn 7-10% of the rental income. RealWealth always offers a simple, step-by-step system, since we know you’re busy. We select property managers with fabulous reputations. They don’t want to mess up or we will pull our entire network from them. They work hard to keep us happy.

Purchase Properties at Wholesale Prices
View and acquire R.E.A.L. Income™ properties at wholesale prices.

R.E.A.L. Income Property™ Model
RealWealth has set the industry standard for quality investment properties with our R.E.A.L. Income Property™ Model. All companies we recommend to our investors are required to meet these standards.

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