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The Focused Investor: Four Steps to Success in 2024

The Focused Investor: Four Steps to Success in 2024

The Focused Investor: Four Steps to Success in 2024

“I really enjoy Rich’s Focused Investor webinars as they really help me think about the year and plan not just my investing, but re-align the priorities in my life. Thanks Rich!”

“That just completely changed investing for me!”

“I took the seminar thinking it would just be about investing. As we got into it I realized it was also about personal goals and strategies. I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was very powerful and gave me focus.”

These are just a few of the comments we’ve received from RealWealth members about our Focused Investor webinar series with Rich Fettke, Co-Founder of RealWealth. For 18 years, Rich has helped thousands of people change how they approach both investing and life goals with this invaluable exercise.

Whether you’re aiming for a year of focus, productivity, or overall success, this is for you. Join Rich here in this video where he’ll help you create real New Year’s intentions that stick (and not just those that last until January 15th). You’ll leave the webinar with a solid plan for the year and an inspiring vision for your future.

If you haven’t yet completed Rich’s end of 2023 Focused Investor, you can find it here, where he will walk you through an invaluable exercise of looking back at the year for learning, growth and next steps for your future.

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