The Focused Investor: How to Complete 2023 so You Can Create More Real Wealth in 2024

Rich Fettke


Webinar Description

Watch this exclusive webinar with RealWealth Co-Founder, Rich Fettke, who will walk you through an invaluable exercise of looking back at the year for learning, growth and next steps for your future.

Whether you accomplished most of your goals or found yourself navigating unexpected twists and turns this year, taking a moment to assess your biggest wins and lessons can serve as your guiding compass for achieving greater success in 2024.

During this webinar you will:

  • Gain wisdom and fulfillment from this year-end review and completion process
  • Learn the most effective ways to achieve goals while still looking at the big picture
  • Discover a simple four step process for assessing your strengths and abilities so you can be a more focused investor
  • Walk away with a written one page summary of your successes, wins, challenges, and lessons learned in 2023, which will help you immensely when planning for 2024.

Grab a notepad and pen and come prepared to bookend your year with gratefulness and reflection on this webinar that Rich has been sharing with RealWealth investors for the past 18 years!

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