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How Investing in Yourself Results in a Richer Life

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We all have something we’ve always wanted to do but have put off doing for a variety of reasons: It’s not a good time; I really shouldn’t spend the money right now; I’m too busy with work. Meanwhile, we continue to daydream about things we wish we could be doing instead of actually doing them. When was the last time you actually considered investing in yourself for a change?

Whether it’s going on vacation, learning a new language or skill, or just living a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to do something for ourselves. Because not doing what we really want to do can keep us from living happier and richer lives.

It’s an experience, not material things, which tend to make people happier.

Think about the last time you bought something you’ve been eyeing for a while. Perhaps it was upgrading to the latest and most technologically advanced smartphone. You might have felt a rush of happiness and excitement when you finally made that purchase. You gleefully showed your friends all of the cool new features on your phone; things your friends’ phones can’t do because yours is far superior to theirs.

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Now, think back to the last time you went on vacation. What did you experience on this vacation that months or even years later, you’re still excitedly telling friends about? Chances are, those vacation stories have stayed with you far longer than the time you bought that smartphone. A week-long vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit can re-energize you and help you re-focus. And that’s what investing in yourself is all about.

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There’s a sense of accomplishment when learning a new skill. Challenging ourselves to learn something means growing and expanding our life experience. It involves dedication, taking chances and a willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Once we’ve reached a set goal, it positively reinforces the notion that we can follow through on something we’ve set out to do. It ends up being a rewarding experience and one that cannot be obtained through buying a new outfit or the latest gadget.

Investing in yourself is always beneficial in the long run. For example, learning a new sport not only results in a healthier lifestyle, it also creates new friendships through communication and teamwork. Language lessons can be culturally and career enhancing; a new desire to communicate in a foreign language might even inspire one to travel, which can lead to some incredible adventures.

According to an article in The Atlantic, buying an experience enhances life more than any material item could. The anticipation of the experience can be a mood booster. Our moods affect our relationships and if we’re unhappy with our present situation, it’s up to us to make a change. Change doesn’t have to be drastic; it can be small adjustments to day-to-day life.

While it is financially smart to make long-term investments in retirement or emergency funds, investing in yourself day-to-day is equally as important. Our happiness doesn’t need to wait for the future; it’s the present that, over time, will lead us to richer and more fulfilling lives.

What will you do today to get one step closer to the life you want?

At RealWealth, we believe that investing in real estate that produces monthly cashflow is the most powerful way to invest in yourself. Why? Because passive income is the key to creating real wealth–money and freedom to live the life you want.

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