The Focused Investor: Creating Your 2021 and Beyond

Rich Fettke

Webinar Description

For the last 15 years, Rich Fettke, RealWealth Co-Founder and Co-Ceo, has been teaching the Focused Investor workshop to help people change how they approach their investing and their goals. Planning for your future is so important, especially with the current climate.

The Focused Investor presentation will help you create REAL New Year’s intentions that stick (and not just those that last until January 15th).

You’ll leave with a solid plan for the year and an inspiring vision for your future.

Here’s what a few a few of Rich’s webinar attendees have had to say about this powerful presentation:

“That just completely changed my entire thought process around investing!”

“It almost doesn’t matter if I hear anything else at today’s event because all I needed to hear was Rich’s presentation.”

“I took the seminar thinking it would be about investing. As we got into it I realized it was also about personal goals and strategies. I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was very powerful and gave me a focus.”

Watch now to find out how you can become a more focused investor.

The Focused Investor: Creating Your 2021 and Beyond