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35 of the Best Real Estate Blogs for the Year 2023

Best Real Estate Blogs Article
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Summary: In this article, learn all about the 35 best real estate blogs for investors, agents, news, data, trends and more. No matter what part of the real estate industry you’re interested or involved in, find out how these reliable, consistent, and information driven blogs could help you become an expert.

Introduction: What are the Best Real Estate Blogs of 2023?

The top 35 real estate blogs include: 

  • Zillow Porchlight
  • Trulia
  • Forbes | Real Estate
  • Redfin Real-Time
  • RealWealth
  • BiggerPockets
  • Reddit – Homeowners & Investors
  • Fundrise
  • Afford Anything
  • Fortune Builders
  • Realty Mogul
  • Landlordology
  • Spark Rental
  • Mashvisor
  • InvestFourMore
  • Coach Carson
  • REtipster
  • Flipping Junkie
  • The College Investor
  • Inman
  • CNBC
  • RealWealth’s Real Estate News for Investors Podcast
  • Housing Wire
  • Realty Times
  • The Business Journals – Residential Real Estate
  • National Association of REALTORS®
  • Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
  • RealtyBizNews
  • HomeLight
  • REALTOR® Magazine
  • Keeping Current Matters
  • Dough Roller
  • The Business Journals – Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Property Executive


Quality Content

Quality content should answer the questions people in the real estate industry are asking. The best real estate blogs produce content that do just that. Asking specific questions, should get you specific answers. 

Regularly Published Content

The best blogs in all niche’s publish quality content on a regular basis, and real estate blogs are no exception. As you’ll see below, most of the blogs we’ve highlighted publish content at least once per week, some including yours truly (sorry to toot our own horn here!) publish content daily.

Regular Updates

The best real estate blogs provide expert information on a specific niche. The reason it’s so important is because not all real estate investing is the same. Investing in Commercial real estate is very different than investing in single-family or multi-family real estate. The best blogs will be experts on a specific subject.  

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Niche Specific

The best real estate blogs provide expert information on a specific niche. The reason it’s so important is because not all real estate investing is the same. Investing in Commercial real estate is very different than investing in single-family or multi-family real estate. The best blogs will be experts on a specific subject.  

Easy Navigation & Clean Design

The best real estate blogs are also easy to navigate and have a clean, easy-to-look-at design. The information you’re looking for should be easy to find and read. Blog websites should also load quickly, and ideally shouldn’t be covered in advertisements or overbearing calls to action.


4 Best General / Collaborative Real Estate Blogs

4 Best General Collaborative Real Estate Blogs

The four best general / collaborative real estate blogs include: 

  1. Zillow Porchlight
  2. Trulia
  3. Forbes | Real Estate
  4. Redfin Real-Time

1. Zillow Porchlight

Zillow’s blog is a consumer-focused real estate and rental marketplace. It’s dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge, and connecting them with the best local real estate professionals. The blog has quality information about buying, renting, financing, remodeling, etc.

Post Frequency: 4 per quarter

2. Trulia Blog

Find all your listings for real estate and rental properties. Trulia’s blog also provides in-depth school and neighborhood information on homes for sale in your market. Their goal is to make buying, selling, or renting a home simpler. 

Post Frequency: 1-2 per week

3. Forbes | Real Estate

Forbes is a leading source for reliable news and current analysis on real estate. Readers can expect to find breaking real estate coverage and top headlines. There are also frequent, helpful articles for real estate investors about market trends, how to invest, where to invest and more. 

Post Frequency: 4 per day

4. Redfin Real-Time

Redfin is a real estate brokerage working to reinvent real estate in favor of the consumer. Real-Time is Redfin’s one-stop shop for everything readers need to know about owning, buying and selling a home.  In their words, it’s Real Estate on Wall Street, Main Street and your street.

Post Frequency: 4 per week

16 Best Real Estate Investing Blogs

The 16 best real estate investing blogs include

  1. RealWealth
  2. BiggerPockets
  3. Reddit – HomeOwners & Investors
  4. Fundrise
  5. Afford Anything
  6. Fortune Builders
  7. Realty Mogul
  8. Landlordology
  9. Spark Rental
  10. Mashvisor
  11. InvestFourMore
  12. Coach Carson
  13. REtipster
  14. Flipping Junkie
  15. The College Investor
  16. Dough Roller

1. RealWealth

We realize putting our own blog on the list is a little bias, but we have good reason for it. RealWealth has a comprehensive directory of free educational content created specifically for investors. We help people create real wealth, or “having the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms.” RealWealth also releases daily podcasts (REN), weekly podcasts (RWS) and weekly long form blog posts related to anything real estate investing. 

Post Frequency: Podcasts with transcripts released daily, weekly webinars and weekly long-form blog posts

2. The BiggerPockets Blog

The goal of BiggerPockets is to help educate people about all aspects of real estate and real estate investing with free resources and tips. It’s a social network for the real estate investing community where you can grow your real estate knowledge, network, market and make deals. The BiggerPockets blog is one of the best online educational resources for investors of all-kinds. 

Post Frequency: 2-5 per day

3. Reddit – HomeOwners & Investors

The Reddit Homeowners and Investors blog focuses on topics about real estate investing, landlording, financing, and more. One great thing about Reddit is the high frequency of daily posts and the helpful questions and answers from other readers. 

Post Frequency: 30 per day

4. Fundrise

If you’re brand new to real estate investing or a seasoned expert, Fundrise’s blog has insightful how-to articles and advice to help you make the best investment decisions now and in the future. The blog also provides a helpful investing glossary for readers to understand the meanings of terms associated with real estate investments and crowdfunding.

Post Frequency: 1 per week

5. Afford Anything

The author of Afford Anything, Paula Pant, achieved financial independence through buying rental properties. Her blog focuses on answering the following questions: 1) How can we make smarter decisions about our money, time and life? 2) How can we align our daily behaviors and habits with the lifestyle we value most? Topics range from investing and financial independence to lifestyle and travel. Stories and ideas are shared about real estate, entrepreneurship, productivity, personal, and a philosophy of money. 

Post Frequency: 2 per month

6. Fortune Builders

The FortuneBuilders blog contains tons of helpful insights from investing advice and general financing information, to tips on how to increase the value of your properties. 

Post Frequency: varies

7. Realty Mogul 

Get great advice for real estate investors in both commercial and residential spaces on Realty Mogul’s blog. They also produce a series called #MogulMinutes, which provides a great overview of up-to-date investing news.

Post Frequency: varies

8. Landlordology

The Landlordology blog covers all topics related to being a landlord. Helpful article topics include property management, real estate investing, finding and screening quality tenants, insurance, leases, maintenance and renovations, rent and expenses, security deposits and taxes. The blog also provides comprehensive, step-by-step guides for landlords and state-specific laws and regulations. 

Post Frequency: 1 per month

9. Spark Rental Blog

SparkRental offers property management software services to smaller landlords with 50 or less units. They also have options to avoid monthly service charges. Property owners can run tenant credit reports and background checks, get state-specific leases instantaneously, collect rent online, track expenses and more. The SparkRental blog covers topics that answer almost every real estate investing question you could think of. 

Post Frequency: 2 per week

10. Mashvisor Blog

Mashvisor’s real estate blog is an excellent place to find real estate investment knowledge, strategies, tips and other helpful tools for investors. The blog also provides readers with top housing markets, cities to invest in, directories to find agents and property analyses. With consistent posts, multiple times a day, Mashvisor’s blog is a great resource for real estate investors.  

Post Frequency: 4 per day

11. InvestFourMore

Successful real estate agent, entrepreneur, author and real estate investor, Mark Furgeson shares his best practices and advice on his InvestFourMore blog. Learn how Mark created $3.7 million in equity with rental properties and how to build your own real estate empire. 

Post Frequency: 1 per week

12. Coach Carson

Chad Carson, better known as Coach Carson, is a real estate investor who learned how to acquire and profit from investment properties. Today, working is optional for Chad because he’s achieved financial independence. On his blog, he has 85 recommended tools to become a real estate investor. Carson also recommends books, tools and other resources that may be helpful for investors.

Post Frequency: 1 per week

13. REtipster

The REtipster blog focuses on helping new and experienced real estate investors looking for investing strategies and ideas for more effective ways to run their businesses. Additional topics cover land investing, rental properties, finding deals, selling properties fast, the latest technology and reviews of products and services in the real estate industry.

Post Frequency: 1-2 per week

14. Flipping Junkie 

Danny Johnson’s blog, FlippingJunkie, documents his journey to financial freedom by flipping houses. New visitors to the blog should start with the 34 weeks of posts where he shows everything he did to market to motivated sellers, the deal analysis, the houses bought, how he fixed them up, sold them and made profits. FlippingJunkie is one of the most detailed how-to blogs on flipping out there.

Post Frequency: 1 per week

15. The College Investor

The College Investor blog helps millennials get out of student loan debt to start investing, building passive income, and wealth for the future. If you’re interested in jumping into the world of real estate investing, learning how to earn more money, and start saving for retirement, this is a great blog to do it. 

Post Frequency: 4-5 per week

16. Dough Roller

The Dough Roller blog focuses on…you guessed it, money! “How to make it, give it, and spend it in a way that moves us closer to financial freedom.” Readers will find insightful articles from real estate investing and asset allocation to savings strategies and tips for becoming financially fit.  

Post Frequency: 5-7 per week

4 Best Real Estate News Blogs

4 Best Real Estate News Blogs

The four best real estate news blogs include: 

  1. Inman
  2. CNBC
  3. RealtyBizNews
  4. RealWealth

1. Inman | Real Estate News for Realtors & Brokers

Inman News is the top independent real estate news provider. The blog offers daily news and technology advice, along with information-based products and services for real estate leaders, tech professionals, and consumers. Inman helps realtors and brokers stay ahead of trends with multiple daily news posts. 

Post Frequency: 29 per day

2. CNBC – Real Estate News

CNBC has an entire branch devoted to providing readers with the latest real estate news and headlines. Article subjects include news about the housing industry, mortgages, commercial, residential, REITs and more. 

Post Frequency: 10 per day

3. RealtyBizNews

RealtyBizNews is a great resource for current and timely real estate news that may impact realtors, contractors, investors and consumers. Additional topics include technology and marketing in real estate, housing resources and the latest housing trends. 

Post Frequency: 2 per day

4. RealWealth’s Real Estate News for Investors Podcast by Kathy Fettke

The Real Estate News Podcast will help you stay up-to-date on the latest real estate investing news, market trends, housing market predictions, and more. Learn how to make savvy investment decisions that will help you grow and protect your wealth in 2023. 

Post Frequency: Every week day / 5 per week

2 Best Real Estate Economy / Data Blogs

The two best real estate economy / data blogs include:

  1. Housing Wire
  2. Realty Times

1. Housing Wire

Housing Wire is the leading independent source for news, commentary and analysis covering the entire mortgage, real estate and housing economy. Discover the latest trends in interest rates, finance and regulation. 

Post Frequency: 8-10 per day

2. Realty Times

Get your real estate news at Realty Times, one of the industry’s most trusted sources for buyer’s, seller’s, agents, mortgage advice and more. The blog also has articles about women in real estate and the outlook for specific housing markets.  

Post Frequency: 8-10 per day

Best Residential Real Estate Blog

The Business Journals

The Business Journals provide up-to-date news about residential real estate from 43 different cities across the U.S. Use this blog to stay current on important real estate news. 

Post Frequency: 10 per day

6 Best Real Estate Agent / Realtor Blogs

6 Best Real Estate Agent Blogs

The six best real estate agent / realtor blogs include: 

  2. National Association of REALTORS®
  3. Keller Williams
  4. Realty, Inc.
  5. HomeLight
  6. REALTOR® Magazine
  7. Keeping Current Matters

1. gives advice about all things real estate. From buying and selling, to market trends, renovation ideas, and how-to videos, this blog has quality information for real estate newbies and experts alike.

Post Frequency: 5 per day

2. National Association of REALTORS®

The blog by NAR offers readers information on research studies, websites, books, news, tips and other resources for anyone in or interested in real estate. NAR is another great tool for realtors.

Post Frequency: 18 per year

3. Keller Williams Realty, Inc | KW Blog

The world’s largest real estate franchise, Keller Williams Realty has over 800 offices and 150,000 associates spanning the globe. Outfront, KWs blog provides an in-depth look at the businesses, lives and success strategies of our top agents around the world.

Post Frequency: 17 per year

4. HomeLight Blog

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, HomeLight offers reviews for real estate agents, home sales data, and historical data. Readers can enjoy hundreds of articles, guides, tools, and advice from real estate agents and experts all over the country.

Post Frequency: 4 per week

5. REALTOR® Magazine

An online and print editorial, REALTOR® Magazine provides readers with information on how to achieve business success. It includes expert insights on what’s trending, industry best practices and gives timely decision-making tools on business strategies. The National Association of REALTORS® publishes this blog.

Post Frequency: 4 per year

6. Keeping Current Matters

Keeping Current Matters is a real estate information blog with a mission to change the way real estate advisors serve and educate their clients. Categories include tips for buyers and sellers, information on interest rates, investing strategies for Millennials and more.

Post Frequency: 1 per day

2 Best Commercial Real Estate Blogs

The two best commercial real estate blogs include:

  1. The Commercial Journals
  2. Commercial Property Executive

1. The Business Journals | Commercial Real Estate

The Business Journals provide up-to-date news about commercial real estate from 43 different cities across the U.S. Use this blog to stay current on important commercial real estate news.

Post Frequency: 3 per week

2. Commercial Property Executive

Commercial Property Executive is one of the leading resources for executives and companies that own, invest in, develop, lease and/or manage commercial real estate. This site also includes reports covering finance, sustainability, technology, property management, education and legal and regulatory issues. 

Post Frequency: 4 per day


Stay ahead of real estate trends by exploring the best real estate blogs out there. Learn from the successes and failures of other industry professionals, how to avoid the same mistakes and expand your real estate knowledge. Don’t forget that most of these great blogs offer free resources such as, how-to guides, market data & analysis, opinion pieces, helpful documents, infographics and more.

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