All in One Loans: Banking Functionality with the Added Power of Leverage

Benjamin Smith

Webinar Description

There is a new financial tool that is now available to both homeowners and investors — the All in One First Lien HELOC.

We’re bringing back one of our preferred lenders, Caeli Ridge, of Ridge Lending Group, to walk us through this dynamic financial instrument in this video.

Ms. Ridge describes the All in One loan as a “lending product that was developed by homeowners and mortgage professionals by combining banking functionality with home financing.

The potential advantages of combining home financing and banking:

  • Deposits lower your loan’s principal
  • Funds remain available for expenses
  • Interest is calculated on the average daily balance
  • This lowers the monthly interest payments
  • Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved over the life of the loan
  • Mortgage freedom can be achieved in half the time or less”

Watch this video, which includes a Q&A, to find out if the All in One loan is right for you.

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