10 Exercises to Create an Abundance Mindset for Lasting Wealth

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh


Getting into real estate to build wealth, exit the rat race, and live and retire comfortably is one of the smartest decisions you can make. To do this effectively, it’s essential to create an abundance mindset.

But what does mindset have to do with buying real estate? Everything. Mindset is actually the #1 biggest reason people don’t start investing in real estate.

This article illustrates how to avoid letting mindset be the reason you don’t live the life of your dreams. This article will also provide you with abundance mindset exercises that will help you begin your successful journey into the opulent world of real estate.

With an abundance mindset, you’ll end the struggle with low self-worth, stagnant salaries, and financial stress. Develop an abundance mindset and you’ll find yourself putting in your first offer in no time.

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What is an abundance mindset?

An abundance mindset refers to the belief that you are enough and the world has enough to offer you at all times.

The development of an abundance mindset ignites creativity, cultivates gratitude, and helps develop healthy investing behaviors.

Let’s dive deeper into the differences between these two mindsets so you can ensure you’re focusing on creating a mindset that fuels personal growth, confidence in decision making, and wealth creation.

Abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset

Living in abundance feels like everything exists in surplus.

Real estate opportunities are endless and eagerly await your discovery.

It’s believing in limitless opportunities and believing it is possible to create an abundant life filled with wealth, financial freedom, and economic independence.

The opposite of an abundance mentality is one of scarcity.

When you feel limited by a scarcity mindset, you worry about the unknown and think that there aren’t many opportunities in the world.

Those with a scarcity mindset feel they live with a limited capacity and believe in zero-sum thinking.

A scarcity mindset will hinder your self-belief, focus, and halt efforts towards reaching your objectives.

When living in scarcity, the feeling of fear becomes the dominant feeling felt every day.

Your self-talk and actions act in alignment with this emotion and hold you back.

The safest options remain most appealing to you such as the 9-5 grind.

Your predictable salary breeds a sense of safety and security while keeping you trapped in the rate race for 5,10, or even 20 years!

Refuse to make the mistake of thinking the resources necessary for creating a rich future are limited.

A scarcity mindset arises when you feel like you don’t have many options.

In relationships, for example, this can be interpreted as being desperate.

With a scarcity mentality, people are afraid to invest in themselves or in coaching, seminars, and opportunities that may provide an additional stream of income.

They tend to close themselves off and are not as receptive to opportunities as they describe them as a “scam” or not being “worth the money.”

Here are examples of the narratives someone with a scarcity mindset has:

  • “There’s too much competition and I’m too late to the game.”
  • “I’m not comfortable making any big moves right now.”
  • “I’m afraid now just isn’t the right time.”

These are some of the things said by those with an abundance mindset:

  • “I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I’ve done my due diligence and this investment makes a lot of sense.”
  • “There are tons of opportunities in real estate, I just need to look a bit longer to find them.”
  • “I’m grateful for this opportunity as I feel it’s worth my time, energy, and effort.”

Which sounds most like you?

Do you see opportunities and get excited to take advantage of them?

Do you give credit to those who succeed in life or choose to view them as a threat?

Living in abundance is the key to making money because you feel money flows to you and you’re constantly in an emotional state to receive it!

How To Develop an Abundance Mindset: 10 Abundance Mindset Exercises to Overcome Feelings of Scarcity

Developing an abundance mindset is easy when you’ve got the proper steps and exercises to get you there. Here are the ten abundance mindset exercises to ignite abundance and extinguish scarcity.

1 - Develop Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the #1 skill to develop.

You must be able to assess your focus, feelings, and narratives in real-time.

One of the most powerful ways to create an expanded awareness is by checking your vibe hourly.

Ask yourself one simple question every hour.

Where am I allowing my thoughts, feelings, and actions to take me?

Recognize the habitual patterns that shape the person you are.

When you become self-aware, it’s like moving from the passenger seat of your life into the driver’s seat.

You take better control of the thoughts you allow to rest within your mind and the influence they have on your financial future.

Abundance Mindset Exercises to Create Lasting Wealth Infographic

2 - Create a Daily Gratitude Practice

One of the best abundance mindset exercises is gratitude. If you can’t be grateful for what you have now, you’ll never be grateful for what you’ll have later.

Every morning before your two feet hit the floor reflect on three small things you are grateful for.

The smaller the better.

Consider writing them down in a gratitude journal.

  • “I’m grateful for the chirping birds I woke up to today.”
  • “Thanks for the healthy breakfast I’m about to enjoy.”
  • “I’m grateful for the sunset I shared with a loved one last night.”

Before falling asleep consider reflecting on an experience from the day you’re grateful for.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be the most positive experience because all experiences offer tremendous value.

3 - Manage Your Focus

What you focus on expands and abundance appears when you start looking for it!

One of the easiest yet most powerful ways to manage your focus is through meditation.

Don’t make the mistake of overthinking what meditation is.

Here are three quick and easy exercises to choose from.

Light a candle and place your attention on the flame for 1 minute every day.

Watch a cloud move by in the sky and pay attention to how it slowly changes form.

Begin practicing crystal pendulum dowsing to flex your focus muscle.

4 - Shift Your Perspective

Abundant thinking is cultivated when you manage your perspective.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Consider changing your perspective on the world, the real estate market, and yourself.

Get started in real estate investing by turning stress and anxiety into excitement and anticipation.

Spend time with people who have had the type of success in real estate you are looking to experience.

Their enthusiasm and experience will become contagious and ignite your desire to take action and get started building your portfolio.

5 - Learn New Skills

An abundance mentality craves learning experiences.

One of my personal philosophies is to always be curious, ABC.

Be curious about yourself, others, and the world around you.

Challenge yourself to learn one small fact daily and share it with someone who will value it as well.

Make it fun!

Consider searching Google for the query “How long is the gestation period of a dolphin?”

Discover what the meaning of the female name, Neveah is.

Read a book or listen to Audible or start creating a solid group of YouTubers to follow.

Make your personal growth a daily habit and watch the money roll in!

6 - Manage Your Narrative

Another abundance mindset exercise to leverage is learning to manage your narrative. Negative self-talk murders your confidence and destroys your ability to believe in yourself.

A positive mindset is certainly better than a negative one so start managing the chatter in your mind.

Avoid thinking about people, places, and things that do not serve you.

Quiet the conversations in your mind that don’t offer you loving support on your journey.

Ignite narratives that will fuel the creation of beliefs that will feed your confidence in the years to come.

Keep in mind that the story of your past is in the past.

The new you is looking to write a new chapter and a fresh new story filled with wealth, abundance, and fulfillment.

7 - Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Thought patterns repeated over time eventually turn into beliefs.

Imagine your beliefs as being the foundation of a home.

They are deep-rooted yet any foundation can be reconstructed.

One of the best ways to destroy limiting beliefs is to “prosecute” your limiting beliefs as if a lawyer were in court.

Look for strong evidence to disprove their validity and they will quickly crumble.

Start searching for evidence to support the new beliefs you’d like to create for yourself.

Make belief construction and destruction become a focus.

Foundations are just important for you as they are for your first investment property.

8 - Lean Into Your Fears

Fear is an illusion that is best dispelled by running towards it and not away from it.

One of the most powerful ways to rapidly improve your personal growth is by facing your fears.

Fear disappears when you question its validity.

Make a list of all your fears and pick a day where you start to dance with each of them a bit.

The more you lean into them, the more you begin to see the illusion masking them.

Facing your fears head-on dramatically decreases the chance of you ever facing them again!

9 - Develop a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one in which you realize that who you are is flexible and malleable.

You should never feel stuck as there is always a way out.

This way out is often a result of you realizing the way you think, feel, and act is capable of transformation.

Who you were yesterday does not need to be who you are tomorrow.

Let’s say you’ve never considered yourself a good writer for example.

To become a writer simply start writing!

A sentence a day will become a paragraph.

A day will become a month and then a year.

Before you know it someone will refer to you as a writer and you’ll never look back!

10 - Develop a Vibe Mindset

The most powerful way to influence your decision-making and create an abundance mindset is to manage your emotions.

A “Vibe Mindset” is one in which you elicit a desired emotion by managing your thoughts, focus, and attention.

Choose the desired emotion you know is one successful real estate investors possess.

Think of emotions such as:

  • Proud
  • Accomplished
  • Aggressive
  • Tenacious
  • Energized

Feeling is the secret!

Make feeling emotions unfamiliar to you a daily habit.

The more you feel these emotions and express the character traits of successful real estate investors, the more you become just like them.

Feel the vibe of the tribe you admire most and you’ll find yourself bidding on the same properties in no time.

Why an abundance mindset is essential for wealth building & investing

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making money in real estate.

What holds most people back is taking the very first step.

The least risky yet most powerful first step you can take is to reflect on your current mindset.

Where do you stand on the scarcity vs abundance continuum?

A friend of mine, Veronica, used to be a waitress at the local Ruby Tuesdays for years.

I always knew she was capable and worthy of more yet nothing ever seemed to change for her career-wise.

A lot of dreaming yet little action riddled with tons of doubt.

Every single time I stopped by for lunch, I would ask Veronica to envision experiencing more out of her life.

My goal each and every lunch break was to ignite her imagination.

I asked her to imagine her desired reality and most importantly the feelings she would experience as a result of it.

This became the fuel to motivate her to consider getting her real estate license.

She signed up, passed the test, and has never served another Cobb Salad again.

What if you started by imagining more as Veronica did?

Imagine the look in your spouse’s eyes as you close your first deal.

Imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment that will bring you to tears.

Better yet, imagine the look of joy in your children’s eyes as they play in a large backyard with toys you didn’t have to think twice about purchasing.

Let these imagined moments become your fuel.

The motivation to get you started in investing and building wealth and abundance in your life.

Start imagining more and you’ll quickly become more.

Next Steps

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