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Top 5 Tips for Buying Insurance for Your Rental Property

Aristotle Kumpis RealWealth Investment Counselor

Aristotle Kumpis


Webinar Description

When researching insurance options for your investment property, we suggest working with a team that specializes in working with investors.

This is why we are so excited to announce a new-to-RealWealth insurance provider who fits this requirement (and more!). On this webinar, the team from realprotect will discuss the most important questions to ask in finding the right policy to adequately cover your investments.

Topics Include:

  1. The basis of insurance and why you should have a policy that matches your risk tolerance Learn more about how insurance is in place to transfer your risk as a rental property owner to the insurance company. However, insurance is not intended to cover every claim that could possibly happen, because it would become too expensive.
  2. How is a Landlord Policy different than a Homeowners Policy?
  3. What are typical Lender Requirements for Insurance? Here we will talk about some of the standard insurance requirements lenders have as well as deductibles, replacement cost, and general liability.
  4. What red flags should you look for on a quote? (ie: Co-insurance, ACV, exclusions, low liability limits.)
  5. What can I give my agent to help get the best quote from an Underwriter?

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Aristotle Kumpis RealWealth Investment Counselor
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