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Your 1031 Questions Answered

Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor

Joe Torre


Like most investors, you’re familiar with 1031 exchanges and know they are one of the most powerful tools for building your wealth. But many times there are special cases when it’s not clear whether the rules permit a certain transaction.

During this video Ms. Dino Champagne, one of RealWealth’s preferred 1031 Qualified Intermediaries, will give a special presentation based on questions we’ve been getting from you, our investors.

After reviewing the fundamentals of 1031 exchanges, she will answer questions like:

  • Do the new tax laws change anything with 1031s?
  • Once I 1031 into a like-kind rental property, at what point can I turn the rental property into a personal residence without paying taxes?
  • Could I sell my duplex and exchange for shares of an apartment syndication?
  • If I do a 1031 exchange and I die, will my heirs have to pay the taxes I avoided paying?

You know how 1031s work in theory – watch this webinar to see how they work in practice.

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Joe Torre, RealWealth Investment Counselor
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