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Tax Strategies

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Article about How is Passive Income Taxed

How is Passive Income Taxed in 2022?

In this article, we’ll answer the question: how is passive income taxed? Along with relevant topics like, passive activity, 2021 passive income tax rates, and how investors may be impacted by changes to the Tax Cuts Act of 2018.  Also learn about the financial impact of short-term versus long-term investment, how they are taxed differently and why it matters.

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Featured Image for Article - What is a Qualified Intermediary For a 1031 Exchange

What is a Qualified Intermediary For a 1031 Exchange?

In this article, learn about the role of a Qualified Intermediary for a 1031 exchange. Topics also include: when and why a Qualified Intermediary is required, the responsibilities of a QI, exchange costs and QI fees, and how to find a great Qualified Intermediary.

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