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How To Buy Real Estate

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Featured Image for Article - Real Estate Investment Trust The Ultimate Guide

Real Estate Investment Trust: The Ultimate Guide

In this ultimate guide, learn all about real estate investment trusts. Topics include what is a REIT, the main types of REITs, property sectors to invest in, how to invest in a REIT, are REITs a good investment, plus taxes and more.

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How To Invest in Real Estate's Biggest Trend: New Construction [Webinar]

How to Invest in Real Estate’s Biggest Trend: New Construction

New home sales across the nation are at all-time highs. We’ve also noticed a sharp increase in the number of our own investors interested in new construction. Over 75% of the homes our members have under contract are brand new. We hear you and we want to make this process easier for you! In this

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Featured Image for Article - What is a Solo 401k and How to Invest It in Real Estate

What is a Solo 401(k) & How To Invest It in Real Estate?

In this article, you’ll learn about solo 401(k)s. Topics include what is a solo 401(k), the difference between traditional and Roth solo 401(k)s, eligibility requirements, rules, contribution limits, distributions, tax advantages, and how to use a solo 401(k) to invest in real estate.

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7 Steps To Invest in Real Estate Webinar

7 Steps To Invest in Real Estate

Have you been wanting to invest in real estate but you don’t know how to get started? Knowing how to turn your real estate investing goals into action can feel overwhelming. In this webinar, I break down the 7 Steps for New Investors that helped me start making progress towards my investment goals.

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Featured Image for Article - Section 8 Properties for Sale & Why Buy Now Due To COVID-19

Section 8 Properties for Sale & Why Buy Now

In this article you’ll learn more about Section 8 and why now is a great time to invest in project-based Section 8 housing and/or rent to tenants with Section 8 vouchers. You’ll also learn about six real estate markets where there are single family and multifamily Section 8 properties for sale with experienced management in place.

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