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How To Buy Real Estate

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Out-of-State Real Estate Investing Video Guide

Out-of-State Real Estate Investing Explained

How Out-of-State Real Estate Investing Works, Video Transcript Joe Torre: Hello investors. My name is Joe Torre. I’m an investment counselor with RealWealth, a real estate investment firm. Today we’re going to do a quick video on out-of-state real estate investing. This is a question that comes up a lot. Here is a scenario, you

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How To Analyze a Real Estate Deal Article & Video

How to Analyze a Real Estate Deal Like an Experienced Landlord

In this article and video, we’re going to teach you how to analyze a real estate deal. A lot of times, investors are out there getting properties from property providers or real estate agents, and they say, “Here’s a great investment for you.” You need to be able to sanity-check the numbers that they give you, so you have an idea of what it is you’re buying and whether you want to buy it.

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How To Buy a Triplex & Is It a Good investment

How To Buy a Triplex & Is It a Good Investment

How exciting does “buy one and get three” sound to you? That is largely what you get when you invest in a triplex. Buying a triplex gives you the luxury of owning a building containing three separate dwelling units. You can either rent out all three units or live in one of them if you wish.

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How To Invest in Real Estate During a Recession [Survival Guide]

The Real Estate Investor’s Recession Survival Guide

As we enter the second half of 2022, many investors are concerned about the possibility of a recession. If this is a concern of yours, be assured that successful real estate investing is still possible provided the investor uses a different “playbook” to adapt to the new market conditions. Here are three strategies we’ll discuss

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How to Buy Real Estate in the Metaverse

How to Buy Real Estate in the Metaverse

Rumblings are being heard around investing and real estate circles about “the metaverse.” Everything from Hollywood studios to virtual skateparks are being built there to support real-world businesses, and even financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and Fidelity are carving out their own corners of the virtual world. But what is the metaverse, and, more importantly, how do you make money there?

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