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Asset Protection

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How To Protect Your Real Estate Assets After a Divorce

What No One Tells You About Asset Protection

If you’re like most real estate investors, you’ve been inundated with warnings about protecting yourself from lawsuits. You’re told horror stories of investors who lost their properties after being sued by a disgruntled tenant, or someone slipping on the sidewalk. While those things are possible, the reality is that you’re a thousand times more likely

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Should I Use an LLC for Rental Property Article Header

Should I Use an LLC for Rental Property: 8 Key Questions & Answers

One of the biggest questions Real Wealth members ask is whether they should use an LLC for their rental properties and also where they should set up their LLC for the best asset protection. The answer to the first question, which will discuss in detail below, is a resounding yes. The answer to the next question is not that simple, which is why I recently had one of the nation’s preeminent asset protection attorneys on my podcast. He’s also a real estate investor who owns over 200 investment properties, so he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to asset protection.

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Featured Image for Article - Due Diligence Real Estate-9 Tips For Smart Buyers

Due Diligence in Real Estate: 9 Tips for Smart Buyers

In this article, we’ll discuss the following: what is due diligence in real estate, different types of due diligence (residential, commercial and land), buyer rights, due diligence time period and essential action items to ensure a smart and smooth buying or investing experience.

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Featured Image for Article - Insurance Basics For Real Estate Investors 2021

Insurance Basics for Real Estate Investors in 2021: Are Your Assets Covered?

In this article, we will go over insurance basics for real estate investors in 2021. Learn about the different policy types, determining how much insurance is enough, how to efficiently protect multiple properties and insuring properties held in an LLC. Make sure you’re covered on your current real estate investment and future investment properties.

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