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If you sell a rental property you must pay taxes on the capital gains. On this page you’ll learn about one of the most powerful tax-saving strategies available for real estate investors: the 1031 exchange.

Article Header Image: Top 3 Reasons To do a 1031 Exchange from California To Another State

1031 Exchange from California to Another State: Good Idea?

For this article, I spoke with Joe Torre, one of our Investment Counselors who’s helped many of RealWealth members do 1031 exchanges from California to other states, and also my husband, a California landlord and attorney. To learn about the top 3 benefits of exchanging your California rental property for properties in other states read this article!

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1031 Exchange Timeline: 8 Steps To Avoid Paying Capital Gains

1031 Exchange Timeline: 8 Steps To Avoid Paying Capital Gains

At RealWealth we come across a lot of investors who don’t think much about doing a 1031 exchange until after they’ve sold their property and are in the 45 day crunch time window. While we can definitely still help people in this situation find quality replacement properties and boost their cash flow, it’s generally better to decide to do an exchange ahead of time. This can allow for proper planning and strategy. Below we will outline the typical 1031 exchange timeline that real estate investors should follow if they want to avoid paying capital gains tax.

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How To Do a 1031 Exchange: Rules & Definitions for Real Estate Investors 2020

1031 Exchange Rules & Success Stories for Real Estate Investors in 2022

In this article, you’ll learn how to do a 1031 exchange with real estate in the year 2021 including the most important rules to follow as a real estate investor. Note: To improve the experience of this page, we’ve broken out this article into a series of shorter articles that we hope will be much easier to digest than our original “ultimate guide.”

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