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About RealWealth

Quality education, better income properties, and an experienced network you can trust.

How RealWealth Can Help You

We help you find better income properties based on our REAL Income Property™ Standards and our network of experienced property teams. We pledge transparency and accountability in everything we do. If something isn’t working, let us know. We promise to follow through, pivot when needed, to care more than what is expected, and together, help you create real wealth.


We provide quality education for busy people who are looking for passive investment opportunities.

Investment Counselors & Coaching

We offer free strategy sessions for investors who are ready to start investing.

Network of Experienced Property Teams

And other experienced real estate professionals.

Better income properties

We're one of the only companies our there with standards for investment properties. Click learn more to discover our REAL Income Property Standards™.

Our Story

How RealWealth Began…

Rich and Kathy Fettke, RealWealth Co-Founders, were living a very different life 20 years ago. Kathy, a news reporter at the time, was desperate to discover how some people had created this mysterious thing called “passive income.” Her husband, Rich, had been diagnosed with deadly melanoma and told he probably had about six months to live. She refused to believe the doctor, and instead put her focus on finding a way to make money passively so that she could be home with Rich and their two young kids during this challenging time.

In addition to working as a reporter, Kathy also hosted a weekend radio show on KSFO. She made the decision to start interviewing people who had created wealth – and specifically passive income – to learn their strategies.

The more she learned, the more she realized she wasn’t the only one who was desperate for this information. Soon, the RealWealth Network was born – a place where ordinary people could learn the secrets of the wealthy (with no cheesy back of the room sales pitches, just education.)

Real Estate Investing, Simplified

We continue to believe that real estate investing should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve spent the past two decades simplifying the process for our members who are looking to build a cash flowing real estate portfolio in the strongest growth markets in America.
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