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About Our Thursday Webinars

One of our greatest, free educational tools here at RealWealth is our weekly webinars — if there’s a topic you want to know more about, chances are we’ve done a webinar on it!

Every Thursday at 12pm PT, our live webinars are hosted by one of our investment counselors and focus on current investment opportunities, either a syndication opportunity or single/multi family income properties with a property team from around the country. They’re packed with exclusive information for RealWealth members only. So whether you are a new investor or a seasoned pro, come prepared with your burning questions.

If you miss the live broadcast — no worries! A webinar replay is posted (and archived) on our site the day after it airs by 12pm PT. You can find the webinar replays inside the Investor Portal under the Single Family Rentals -> Market Name -> Affiliate Name section. The webinar is under the “Education” tab. 

Join us!

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