Short Term Rental Horror Stories

Short Term Rental Horror Stories for Investors Webinar

Joe Torre


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Webinar Description

In the spirit of the Halloween season, you are invited to watch our fifth-annual investor horror stories special:

This year’s horror stories will focus on issues investors have had with vacation rentals (like on Airbnb or Vrbo), as those investments have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

Vacation rentals, aka “short-term rentals” (STRs), open up new options to investors:

  • Since they in some of the most desirable locations, they not only cash flow but also offer great appreciation
  • In a market in which inventory is hard to come by, STRs have much less competition from other investors
  • As STRs have higher price points ($500K+) it’s easier for 1031 investors to identify one replacement property than three or more conventional properties within the 45-day deadline.

Of course, there are issues the savvy investor should be aware of:

  • What’s it like being in the hospitality business?
  • What kind of returns can an investor expect?
  • What are the six (6) potential pitfalls of STRs that investors should have on their radar?

Check out our Halloween horror story special here and see if there’s a place for vacation rentals in your portfolio!

Want to learn more about short term rentals? Check out our new Ultimate Guide to Buying Vacation Rental Property.

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