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Rental & Debt Fund Syndications

What are rental & debt fund syndications?

Investors looking for steady cash flow secured to real estate may want to look into rental and/or debt funds. Rental syndications are single family, multifamily and commercial property investments held longer term for the purpose of monthly cash flow from rents. Investors also often receive tax deductions from depreciation. Debt funds are loans on property or businesses and are especially secure when in priority positions at low LTV’s. They are also excellent choices for self-directed IRA’s as they are passive and do not generally trigger UBIT taxes.

Here are some of RealWealth’s past debt and rental funds:

RWN Turnkey Rental Fund 

Total Raise Amount: $5,000,000 
# of RealWealth Investors: 62
Investor Projected Return: 12-15% (IRR)
Locations: Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Georgia

The fund owns single-family rental homes in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Georgia. We picked these areas based on cash flow and appreciation potential due to migration trends. Preferred return of 8% with a share in profit upon sale.

Wealthy One and Rental Ready – Debt Funds 

Total Raise Amount: $3,000,000
# of RealWealth Investors: 88
Investor Projected Return: 8% interest, paid quarterly
Locations: Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio

Short-term lending to RWN’s turnkey rental property provider in Ohio. Funds are secured in 1st position at 65% ARV.

Challenge III – Debt Fund

Total Raise Amount: $3,000,000
# of RealWealth Investors: 31
Investor Projected Return: 9.5% preferred
Locations: Dublin, CA

Investors earn half their interest (5%) in quarterly payments and the rest (4.5% annually) when the rents are increased and the property is refinanced or sold.

RWN Texas – Private Note with Option to Purchase

Total Raise Amount: $13,000,000
# of RealWealth Investors: 57
Investor Actual Return: 10% (Simple Interest)
Locations: San Antonio, TX 

An 1831 acre master planned community surrounding the brand new Texas A&M University San Antonio (TAMUS) had been tied up in litigation for 7 years. The owners acquired a hard money loan and needed a quick sale for $26.5M. We purchased the note for $13M at 10% interest for a 6 month term, with the hopes of reselling the property for twice what we paid. The owners were able to pay off our loan, and our investors earned the 10% interest.

Winter in Park City, Utah, USA.

RWN Discovery II – Debt Fund

Total Raise Amount: $1,150,000
# of RealWealth Investors: 71
Preferred Return: 12%
Locations: Park City, UT

Some people wanted to invest in our Park City residential subdivision, but due to the business activity of building and selling homes, they would pay UBIT taxes in their self-directed IRA’s. Instead, RealWealth structured a debt fund to lend against the property, making the investment passive and thereby avoiding UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax). Homes are selling now at and investors are expected to receive their capital back in 2020.

Are you interested in investing in a land entitlement project?

We don’t have these specific types of projects available all the time, but when we do they usually sell out quickly.

The SEC has a lot of rules about who we can and can’t discuss group investments with when they are available. Most of the time you need to be an accredited or sophisticated investor. To see if you meet those qualifications and to view any available projects that you qualify for, login to the investor portal or join here. If you haven’t already filled out our investor intake form you will be prompted to do so.

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