Tampa Real Estate Market 2023: Housing Trends & Predictions

2023 Housing Market Overview

Tampa Real Estate Market 2023

Tampa Real Estate Market Overview

Metro Population: 3.2 M

Median Household Income:$56,000

Unemployment Rate:2.7%

Median Home Price*:$362,000

Median Monthly Rent*:$2,058

Tampa Real Estate Market 2023

Tampa is a densely populated metropolitan area in west central Florida, with a population of more than three million people. With its attractive location on the Gulf Coast and a strong economy, Tampa has everything millennials want: financial services, STEM-related occupations, health care, research, education and tourism.

Tampa is called the economic hub of West Central Florida. The local economy is worth 160 billion dollars with the largest seaport in Florida.

In addition to the weather (which includes warm winters), and all the attractions of old Tampa itself—including its own theme parks and proximity to Orlando—the sprawling Tampa Bay area offers plenty of opportunities.

Small technology firms are thriving here; seven Fortune 500 companies have their home bases here as well, including Publix Supermarkets, Roper Technologies, WellCare Health Plans, and Bloomin’ Brands.

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Major Employers in Tampa

Tampa Housing Market News

  • "Tampa is a magnet for real estate investment" - The Center Square
  • "8th most popular city for investors to scoop up houses" - Fox 13 Tampa Bay
  • "One of 3 real estate markets seeing explosive rent growth in 2022" - The Motley Fool
  • "#1 Best Place to Buy a Home " - Niche
  • "Ranked #2 in Best US Cities to Buy Real Estate" - Tampa Bay Times
  • "#5 Hottest Real Estate Market to Watch in 2017" - Forbes
  • "#8 in America’s Fastest Growing Cities" - Forbes
  • "#2 Best City for Young Entrepreneurs" - Forbes
  • "#2 Best City for First Time Home Buyers" - Business Insider
  • "#26 in Fastest-Growing Cities" - WalletHub

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