Pittsburgh Real Estate Market 2023: Housing Trends & Predictions

2023 Housing Market Overview

Pittsburgh Real Estate Market 2023

Pittsburgh Real Estate Market Overview

Metro Population: 2.5 M

Median Household Income:$51,000

Unemployment Rate:4.7%

Median Home Price*:$210,000

Median Monthly Rent*:$1,317

Pittsburgh Real Estate Market 2023

Interested in investing in the Pittsburgh real estate market in 2021? On this page you’ll learn about housing market trends and statistics to help you make that decision.

About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is Pennsylvania’s second largest city with an estimated population of 310,000. Once the center of American steel production, today Pittsburgh is known as “The Steel City” but has no mills within its city limits. However, local companies such as US Steel, Ampco Pittsburgh and Allegheny Technologies own several mills in the area.

The economy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is diverse, with major sectors being health care, education, tourism and banking. The area’s reputation as a tech hub has grown with the support of local universities, including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. These institutions sponsor tech incubators that give graduates the resources to start their own companies without moving to Silicon Valley or San Francisco. In the last ten years, the Pittsburgh region has been a leader in high-tech medical device manufacturers, scientific research and computer systems design.

PNC Bank’s headquarters is located there as well as Google’s office for its subsidiary Sidewalk Labs. Uber also established its self-driving car testing facility in Pittsburgh in 2016 after receiving approval from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

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Major Employers in Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh Housing Market News

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