[Video] Kansas City, MO Real Estate Market Overview

Rich Fettke


Kansas City Real Estate Market Trends & Statistics 2017-2018

The largest city in Missouri and the sixth largest city in the Midwest, Kansas City is widely known for sports, music (especially jazz and blues), and Kansas City-style barbecue. The city is also often called the “City of Fountains” with over 200 beautiful water features throughout the city, which is more than any other city on earth besides Rome. KC’s other nickname is “Paris of the Plains,” because it also has more boulevards than any other city in the world, except for Paris.

After years of neglect, Downtown Kansas City began a massive revitalization effort. Since the year 2000, the city has invested over $6 billion to redevelop the downtown area with new condominiums, apartments, offices, restaurants, indoor and outdoor shopping malls, and entertainment venues. In 2014, the regional Kansas City business community came together to launch KC Rising, which is a long-term vision for the greater Kansas City region to accelerate the Kansas City region’s economic growth.

Watch this video to learn more about the Kansas City real estate market in 2018.

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