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The Focused Investor: Completing Your 2022

Rich Fettke


Webinar Description

We’d like to invite you to join us in taking a good look back at 2022. Amidst all the uncertainty and shifting of the housing market, it’s extremely important to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and how you adapted to the year’s changes. Understanding what you learned can be one of your most valuable tools to shape your success in 2023.

Join Rich Fettke, RealWealth Co-Founder, in this video where he’ll present his invaluable year-end completion process that he’s been sharing with RealWealth members for the past 17 years.

During this video you will:

  1. Learn effective ways to set goals while still looking at the big picture
  2. Gain the value from doing a year-end review and completion
  3. Discover a simple 4 step process for assessing your strengths and abilities so you can be a more focused investor
  4. Walk away with a written one page summary of your successes, wins, challenges, and lessons learned in 2022

And much more!

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