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RealWealth Nabs Geraldine Barry…

Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke


RealWealth is growing, and we are absolutely thrilled and honored to announce the newest addition to our team…

Geraldine Barry, founder and former president of the SJREI Association, has joined RealWealth’s leadership team and will be responsible for launching our new Silicon Valley office!

Geraldine also founded and served as the publisher for REI Voice, the award-winning magazine keeping investors ahead of the curve with fresh insights, powerful interviews and focused data on market trends and analysis.

SJREI and REI Voice were acquired by Summit Assets Group last year, giving Geraldine a year to relax and spend more time with her two teenage children.

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This year she was ready to jump back into the real estate investing space, with more of a passion and focus on giving back. A long time friend of Kathy Fettke’s, she came out to a RealWealth event to say hello.

At that meeting, she felt totally aligned with the company purpose, “to help people build real wealth, which is defined as having both the time and the money to live life on your terms” and the mission, “to help 50,000 Real Wealth Investor Academy members achieve real wealth by 2020.”

With a love for teaching, Geraldine will help build the Real Wealth Investor Academy, the educational arm of RealWealth that helps members become more savvy, sophisticated investors. The Academy is donating 100% of it’s fees to the Real Wealth Foundation – which is another of Geraldine’s passions – helping and serving those less fortunate.

Geraldine, an avid investor herself, will be meeting with South Bay members to help them define their real estate investing strategies. She will be attending this weekend’s event featuring cash flow rental markets of Chicago and Pittsburgh, PA, and single family home development in Reno, NV.

We hope you can attend this event, and help us give her a very warm Real Wealth welcome!

Kathy Fettke
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