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How RealWealth is Making a Deeper Commitment to Social & Environmental Impact

How RealWealth is Making a Deeper Commitment to Social & Environmental Impact
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Jessica Willens


Imagine riding a tandem bicycle around the world, inviting strangers to join the journey, fostering intercultural friendships, and promoting world peace, one rider at a time. This audacious vision became a reality through Peace Pedalers, an 81-country expedition. What’s more remarkable is how this dream evolved into the Purpose in Expenses (PIE) movement, inspiring businesses to make a meaningful impact by integrating giving into their operational expenses.

From Dream to Reality: Peace Pedalers' Origin

The journey of PIE’s founders, Jamie and Cristina, began with Peace Pedalers—an unprecedented expedition aimed at reducing unjust fears and prejudices by connecting people across cultures. To make this dream possible, Jamie secured equipment sponsorships from 40 corporate supporters. Notably, these sponsors couldn’t contribute cash, but instead offered essential gear. Among these sponsors was Aceva Technologies, who proposed a unique arrangement that would shape the trajectory of Peace Pedalers.

A Trailblazing Sponsorship Model

Unable to donate cash or products, Aceva Technologies offered Peace Pedalers an alternative path—a partnership that went beyond traditional sponsorship norms. Peace Pedalers became Aceva’s chosen technology reseller, facilitating services like internet, phones, and conferencing. This partnership translated technology expenses into consistent financial support. Over time, Verizon replaced Aceva’s technology provider, yet the recurring financial backing endured. This revolutionary sponsorship model was integral to realizing the global odyssey.

A Journey of Impact and Empowerment

As Jamie journeyed around the world on his tandem bicycle, he carried the transformative power of recurring support from Verizon. This enabled over 1,000 people to experience the tandem ride, cultivating inspiring stories of intercultural connections shared globally. However, the impact didn’t end with the expedition. The consistent funding from technology expenses fueled 11 grassroots projects under the Peace Pedalers umbrella. These projects ranged from education initiatives and malaria interventions to bike donations and community freshwater systems. Aceva’s support became systematically embedded in their fixed expenses, fueling impact and organizational growth.

Birth of Purpose in Expenses (PIE)

The visionary paths of Jamie and Cristina converged in Argentina during the Peace Pedalers journey. A decade later, settled in Bend, Oregon, they witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbate community needs. This served as a catalyst for the birth of Purpose in Expenses in spring 2020 (formerly known as Profit & Purpose). This movement aimed to provide consistent support to worthy causes, untethered from the unpredictability of economic fluctuations. Built on a successful pilot case study from 2020 to 2022, PIE expanded its provider partnerships and expertise network, ready to revolutionize corporate giving worldwide.

The First Green Certified Member: RealWealth

Enter RealWealth, the first Green Certified Member of the PIE movement. By purpose-powering multiple operational expenses, including email, phones, internet, and merchant services, RealWealth embodies the essence of systematic giving. This comprehensive commitment showcases the power of integrating operational expenses with impactful change.

Unlocking a New Paradigm of Corporate Responsibility

RealWealth’s achievement as the pioneer Green Certified Member echoes the PIE movement’s call for conscious business practices. This movement challenges the status quo of corporate philanthropy, encouraging businesses to weave purpose into their operational fabric. Purpose-driven operational expenses resonate with stakeholders, foster a culture of conscious business, and drive a lasting impact.

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Join the PIE Movement

RealWealth’s journey sets a precedent for purpose and impact integration, inspiring businesses to follow suit. By aligning expenses with purpose, companies can become drivers of sustainable change. To learn more about the PIE movement and embark on your transformative journey of purpose and impact, visit

Jessica Willens Headshot
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