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[RWS #592] Luxury House Hacking with Ben Leybovich

Episode Description:

The road to real estate investing is different for everyone. For some, it’s more of a hobby, to generate supplemental income. For others, it’s a financial support system that gives you freedom and control of your future. Sometimes it begins with a life-changing event, like an illness and the need for a long-term source of income. With me today is a man who began a lifelong study of personal finance, investing, marketing, and business after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. He now owns and manages a portfolio of real estate investments that allow him and his family to “live life on their own terms.” He calls his special formula for success “House Hacking” — specifically “Luxury House Hacking”. I am thrilled to welcome Ben Leybovich to the show today, to tell us more about his story,

I hope you’ll also join me live and in person at the luxury Grove Spa and resort in Orlando, Florida on November 4th. Our entire Real Wealth team, along with all of the turnkey rental property providers in our network will be there. So you can basically get to visit 13 markets in one day. This is a great event if you have a timeline – like a 1031 exchange – you can find out about properties in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania… and I’ll be giving my year end wrap up and 2018 Housing Predictions. We’ll have a cocktail hour and dinner – and we’ve negotiated a discounted rate for the resort. Just $129.

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