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How To Invest in Real Estate in 2022 Webinar

Investing in Real Estate in 2022: What Your Investment Counselor Wants You to Know

Webinar Description

On this webinar, the third and final installment of our new year webinar series aimed to help YOU invest THIS YEAR, we’re bringing back our four investment counselors in a roundtable discussion. This time we’ll be discussing investing in 2022 and what adjustments we as investors have to make in this, at times, scary climate.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Why and how to invest in today’s market, borrowing from our shared extensive history of investing in both hot AND slow markets.
  • What adjustments do you have to make in a hot, but inventory-scarce market
  • Migration trends in the U.S. — where are people moving to and away from?
  • What about rent increases – will they price people out? How does the investor decide how much to increase without alienating a great existing tenant
  • And also, the OVERALL PICTURE of ROI for the long term!

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