How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month (60+ Amazing Ideas)

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Summary: In this article, you will learn over 60 amazing ideas for how to make an extra $1,000 a month. Topics include 20+ ideas for stay-at-home moms, 10 ideas for Millennials who work 9 to 5, 20+ ideas for college students, and 10 ideas for teenagers. Continue reading to learn more.

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What Would It Mean to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month?

What could an extra $1,000 a month do for you? To start, it could pay your rent, allow you to leave a job and stay at home with kids, pay off your debt faster and help you save and invest more. No matter where you are in life, a stay at home mom, a Millennial working from 9 to 5, a college student or a teenager, there are so many different and creative ideas for how to make an extra $1,000 a month. Check them out now!

20+ Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

What if you could be a stay at home mom and make an extra $1,000 a month on the side? Although this may sound too good to be true, there are thousands of moms working from home while raising a family. Here are more than 20 ideas for stay at home moms to make extra money each month.

20 ideas for moms to make an extra $1000/month

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Idea #1 – Create a Blog

Starting a blog is a lot of work. Making money off a blog is even more work. But there are still thousands of mom bloggers out there that have not only created and maintained a blog, but have managed to make money online from it. While success is not going to happen overnight, there’s an insane amount of potential to make an extra $1,000 a month and much more. 

Rate: $0 – $1,000+

Idea #2 – Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms to make some extra cash. The schedule is generally during school hours or late at night when the kids are in bed. A virtual assistant can work from home and assist with a huge variety of business needs. You can help someone by managing their calendar, email, making infographics or taking stock photos. Utilize your talents and earn an extra $1,000 a month.

Rate: $15/hr

Idea #3 – Sell Handmade Goods on Etsy

Etsy is a popular e-commerce website that offers handmade or vintage items. These items can range from jewelry, clothing, home decor, furniture, art, craft supplies and tools. I’ve personally bought and sold items on Etsy and have had a great experience on both ends. Plus, it can be a great way to show off your creative skills and make an extra $1,000 a month or more.

Rate: $0 – $10,000+

Idea #4 – Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is when you find jobs to do for clients. These jobs can range from writing content for websites, editing videos or photos, to creating infographics and developing a social media strategy. The great thing about being a freelancer is the flexibility. Not only can you set your own schedule, you can say “yes” or “no” to projects. In fact, according to one report, freelancers will make up 50.9% of the American workforce by 2027. 

Rate: varies based on job / project



Already own a nice digital camera and have a knack for taking great pictures? Why not turn your hobby into a way to make an extra $1,000 a month? Companies are always looking for great photos and stock images to use on their online platforms. If you’re unsure about your photography skills, there are endless free resources on the Internet to improve your skills. And you’d be surprised how many friends may want to hire you to take their family pictures or document a family gathering and make an extra $80+ an hour. 

Rate: $0 – $1,000k+ per month

Infographic Highlighting - Ideas For Single Moms to Make Extra $1,000 a Month

Idea #6 – Create an Online Course

Have a background in teaching or training? The demand for online courses continues to rise. Educational organizations and businesses are constantly in search of quality, online courses that are easy to offer students, employees, or potential customers. Check out Teachable for an easy way to start creating online courses. 

Rate: $97 per course

Idea #7 – Create Printables

Calling all creatives out there! If you’re good at graphic design and have an eye for creativity, you would probably make an incredible printable maker. There are a number of easy-to-use graphic design programs that can create all different types of printables of all shapes and sizes. I personally use Canva, but PicMonkey and Easil are also popular. 

Rate: $10/printable

Idea #8 – Get Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace offering a wide variety of freelance services. Businesses will hire freelancers via Fiverr to do voice overs, logo design, website design, blog writing, translating, programming, video and animation, etc. Picking up gigs is a great way to make extra money for stay-at-home moms. 

Rate: $5 per gig

Idea #9 – Proofreading

If you like to read and are a grammar-freak, proofreading may be just the side hustle for you. Believe it or not, proofreaders are in high demand and lots of stay-at-home moms have turned it into a lucrative income stream. 

Rate: $17/hour

Idea #10 – Become a Caterer

If you love to cook or bake, why not capitalize on it? Holiday, family, or birthday parties are an excellent opportunity to whip up some personalized cupcakes or delicious appetizers. You’d be surprised at how much some people are willing to pay for a personalized birthday cake for their kids’ big day. You may also want to consider looking into being a personal chef.

Rate: $15 per hour

Idea #11 – Get Into Direct Sales

Direct sales, better known as MultiLevel Marketing or MLM, is actually a legitimate work from home job. Well known MLM companies include Mary Kay Makeup or Cabi Clothes. If you’re good at selling things, this could be a great income source. And even better, sellers get free or discounted products from the company.

Rate: $0 – $3,000

Idea #12 – Explore Dropshipping

Never heard of drop shipping? I hadn’t either. Basically, drop shipping is a supply chain management method where the retailer or seller (you) doesn’t keep goods in stock. Once an order is placed, the customer’s order and information is sent to the manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. You then get to collect the profit on the difference between wholesale and retail price and/or paid a sales commission by the retailer/wholesaler. One of the best features of drop shipping is that you don’t have to store the inventory or ship it yourself.

Rate: $0 – $10,000+ per month

Idea #13 – Start Teaching Music Lessons

My sister-in-law, a stay-at-home mom, taught music lessons for years! She is incredibly musical and plays multiple instruments. She used her talents and knowledge to teach others and make some extra money on the side. Who knows, you may end up loving it. 

Rate: $20 – $60 per 30 minutes

Idea #14 – Consider Becoming a Hairdresser

I know several mom’s who have turned a space in their house into a salon to cut hair. Chances are, you’ll start out with a decent clientele with just family and friends alone. It isn’t cheap to get a decent haircut, color or styling so it’s a perfect opportunity to make an extra $1k a month. 

Rate: $20 per hour

Idea #15 – Create Recipes

This idea for how to make an extra $1,000 a month falls under the same category as catering. If you have the skills to cook delicious food and take great pictures of it, you could make decent income working from home. If you have a unique cooking niche, like making organic baby food or family Italian recipes, you may do even better. Just do a google search of people looking for recipe writers. 

Rate: $18 per hour

Idea #16 – Become a Seamstress

When my dad was going to grad school, my mom stayed home with my oldest brother and worked as a seamstress on the side. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textiles and is an extremely talented seamstress. She was able to help put my dad through school and do something she enjoyed and felt accomplished at. Good tailors and seamstresses are not a dime a dozen. So if this up your alley, start taking advantage of it!

Rate: $28 per hour 

Idea #17 – Scrapbooking Artist or Calligrapher

It’s no secret that mom’s everywhere would love to have scrapbooks for all of their children. The roadblock is usually taking the time to learn how to do it. You can teach others how to make attractive layouts, sell your own layouts online or offer another scrapbooking service. 

I have a couple of friends who have gotten into calligraphy and are actually selling their services like addressing wedding invitations, selling prints online or getting commissioned for custom calligraphy projects. Turn your creativity and gorgeous handwriting into the ultimate job for stay-at-home moms to make extra money every month.

Rate: $2 – $5 per envelope / varies based on job

Idea #18 – Organize Homes

Are you a minimalist who despises clutter and loves nothing more than an organized house? If you’ve caught yourself binge-watching Kon Mari on Netflix it may be time to share your skills. And you don’t need to limit your client base to where you live. You can help clients organize their closets and pantry virtually via Skype or another video chatting service. 

Rate: $30 – $50 per hour

Idea #19 – Become an FBA-er

FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is when you buy something for a cheaper price, turn around and resell it on Amazon for a profit. While it can be difficult, especially starting out, to find below market retail items. However, good FBA-ers are making tons of money and it’s becoming more and more popular as online shopping continues to dominate the retail industry. 

Rate: Varies based on items sold

Idea #20 – Teach English Online

A popular online teaching platform called VIPKID allows you to pick your own hours and earn as much as $22 an hour, depending on your experience. With VIPKID, you teach English online and can teach as many classes as you want. FlexJobs ranked it as #1 and it is a great way for stay at home moms to make extra money every month. 

Rate: $14 – $22 per hour

More Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

  • Customer Service – Rate: $14 per hour
  • Teach a Foreign Language – Rate: $16 – $200 per hour
  • Bookkeeper – Rate: $20 per hour
  • Become a Substitute Teacher – Rate: $45 – $100+ per day (depending on your state)
  • Product Tester – Rate: $20 per hour
  • Travel Agent – Rate: $15 per hour
  • Headhunter – Rate: $45 per hour
  • Teach Painting Lessons – Rate: $50 per hour per student
  • Video Editor – Rate: $29 per hour
  • Email Responder – Rate: $15 per hour
  • Wedding Planner – Rate: $5,000 per wedding
  • Party Planner – Rate: $30 per hour
  • Get Paid to Shop by Amazon – Rate: $60+ per hour
  • Newspaper Columnist – Rate: $22 per hour
  • Ghostwriting – Rate: $30 per hour
  • In Home Daycare – Rate: $25 per hour
  • Life Coach – Rate: $160 per hour
  • Sell Books on Amazon – $34 per hour
  • Data Entry – Rate: $13 per hour
  • Do Surveys – Rate: $0.50 – $5 per survey

10 Ideas to Make Extra Money for Millennials Who Work 9 to 5

Work a full-time 9 to 5 job but still looking to make some extra money every month? Good for you! Check out our 10 ideas for Millennials who work 9 to 5 to make an extra $1,000 a month. 

Infographic Highlighting - Ideas For Millennials to Make Extra Money

Idea #1 – Become an Airbnb Host

With the explosion of Airbnb’s in the last several years, more and more people are choosing to rent out their homes as a way to make extra money. If you have the extra space, there are a few different ways to approach becoming an Airbnb host. 

You can rent out your entire place while you’re out of town, or just your basement, mother-in-law suite or a single room. You have total control over who stays at your house and when. Generally guests with high ratings are the ones to accept. 

Rate: $100 – $1000k+ per month

Idea #2 – Pet Sit

If you are a pet lover, look into watching other people’s pets. While this takes a bit more work than taking surveys on a computer, you can also make a lot more money every month. A few of my friends are dog-sitters and walkers for Rover and have made up to $1,000 per month. Similar to Yelp, Rover is an app where dog owners can find sitters, hire them and then review them. 

Rate: $35 per night, $15 – 20 per walk

Idea #3 – Become a Delivery Driver

Another great idea for working millennials looking to make an extra $1,000 a month is to become a delivery driver. Amazon Flex pays drivers between $18 and $25 per hour. There are also food delivery apps like DoorDash and GrubHub as well as grocery delivery services. This is actually a great gig because it offers flexibility–you can work as much or as little as you want!

Rate: Up to $20+ per hour

Idea #4 – Be a Personal Trainer

It can be really hard to get into shape and even harder to stay in shape. That’s why people who need some extra help getting and staying in shape will often hire a personal trainer. That’s where you could come in. If you know how to do that for yourself, you could be a personal trainer. Having said that, it’s highly recommended that you get a personal trainer certification. It will not only ensure the safety of your clients, it will also show prospective clients that you know what you’re doing. 

Rate: ~$19 per hour

Idea #5 – Become a Real Estate Agent

One of the best aspects of being a real estate agent is that it comes with a flexible schedule. You can choose when you want to show homes or have an open house. Obviously, this requires you to prepare for and pass the real estate licensing exam. Each state has different real estate laws, so make sure you’re learning the correct information. Keep in mind that it costs around $150 to take the test and get your license. But it may be one of the best ways for you to make an extra $1,000 a month or more. 

Rate: $23 per hour / varies depending on market

Idea #6 – Get into Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending is relatively new but growing like crazy in popularity, especially online. P2P Lending allows individuals to lend money to their peers (i.e. people they know, or don’t personally know). 

There are tons of online platforms that simplify the lending process, while other platforms create the opportunity for crowdfunding (group investing where people pool their money together to invest in a bigger project). Many of these P2P sites will do the vetting process for you, with specific guidelines on who can and cannot borrow, based on financial credentials.

Rate: 7% – 39% on interest (APR)

To learn more about P2P Lending and other passive income investments, check out our 7 Best Passive Income Investments.

Idea #7 – Take Online Surveys / Watch Videos

Take online surveys and/or watch videos and you can earn cash, points or gift cards. There are a number of companies that will pay you for your opinion. This obviously isn’t going to make you an extra $1,000 a month, every little bit helps. Here are the most popular (and lucrative) online survey options to sign up for: 

Here are more ways to earn cash back:

  • Get cash back by shopping online (Ebates)
  • Take a photo of your receipts from in-store purchases and upload to Ibotta for cash back

Rate: varies based on participation

Idea #8 – Write an Ebook

Are you a good writer who may be interested in writing an Ebook? You can actually self-publish an Ebook and sell it online! Although there is a ton of upfront work and it’ll be awhile before you start making money, it can produce passive income each month going forward. Selling it on Amazon gives you easy access to a massive audience. 

Rate: ~$10 – $1,000k+ per month

Idea #9 – Try DJ-ing

This idea may sound a little off the wall, but if you can play music off your laptop, then you’re in business. Of course having your own equipment always helps, most people are willing to rent whatever they need to accommodate their event. There are tons of resources online to learn how to DJ and if you get good at it, you could potentially earn $1,000 a month from parties and weddings on the weekends. 

Rate: ~$75 – $100 per hour based on type of event and experience

Idea #10 – Fixing & Flipping Cars

There are a lot of things I wish I could do, and one of them is learning how to fix a vehicle. If you’re someone who knows their engines and how to repair them, you may be primed to start making extra income. I have a friend who makes great money on the side by buying broken down cars or motorcycles, fixing them, and then reselling for a profit! 

Rate: Up to $1,000 per month

20+ Ideas for College Students to Make Extra Money

There are so many ways to make extra money, especially if you’re in college. Some side gigs produce more cash than others and each comes with their own unique list of pros and cons. The trick here is to find a few ideas that are doable with your schedule and that also appeal to you. Here are 20+ ideas for how to make an extra $1,000 a month as a college student.

Idea #1 – Do Audio Transcribing

Use your fast typing skills to listen to audio and get paid to transcribe it. The medical field is always in need of transcribers as well as a variety of different industries. For instance, podcasters will pay to have their audio transcribed into text. Find great transcribing jobs here.

Rate: $15 – $30 per hour or $1.50 – $3 per audio minute

Idea #2 – Become a Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent

This extra income earner does a good job of flying under the radar but it’s one of the easier ways to make extra money.

Infographic Highlighting - Ideas For College Students to Make Extra Money

All you have to do is fill out an application to become a notary public. You’ll then be able to notarize documents and walk homeowners through their loan paperwork, aka “sign here, date there,” earning between $75 to $200 per hour. 

Rate: $500+ per month; Top earners: $13,000 per month

Idea #3 – Design & Sell T-Shirts

This may sound like a crazy idea, but speaking from firsthand experience, it’s absolutely doable and very much possible to make it profitable. A few years ago, I started designing stuff to put on t-shirts and sell online. I built a simple website, found a cheap screen printer and wholesale t-shirt wholesaler through a friend and started marketing them on social media and other platforms. It turned into a fun experience and I was able to make some extra money every month, all while working full-time. 

Rate: $15 – $30 per t-shirt

Idea #4 – Draw Journal Spreads

Do you tend to doodle in your notebook during class? Are you artistic and have nice handwriting? People online will actually pay for beautiful or unique journal spreads. In fact, you can charge as much as $20 per page. If you’re already doodling, see if you can make some extra money from it. 

Rate: $20 per hour

Idea #5 – Create an App

If you know how to program you should consider creating an iPhone or Android app. You’ll find the most success if you can figure out a need that isn’t being met and building an app around meeting that need. Lots of people are finding success in creating games or apps and selling it on the App store.

Rate: $0.99 – $5.99 per download

Idea #6 – Become a Translator

Know a foreign language? Use that skill to help others by becoming a translator. Translators are in demand across multiple industries and platforms. You can translate from people speaking or writing and jobs can be found online by signing up here.

Rate: $30 – $50 per hour

Idea #7 – Rent Your Stuff

Don’t think you have any good stuff to rent? Don’t be so sure. You could rent out a room in your house, list your place on Airbnb when you’re away, rent your car, garage or driveway, clothing, etc. There are even websites online where you can rent out your bicycle, camping gear, skis etc., where people contact you and pay online. Check out Rentything or Zilok

Rate: varies

Idea #8 – Participate in Market Research

When companies are performing market research, they’re usually looking for a specific demographic. It’s likely you’ve seen studies advertised all over university campuses where these companies want your opinions. Most of these market research studies will pay you to spend an hour or two in a room answering questions and most will pay you in cash. 

When I was in college, I would participate in focus groups for market research studies. The focus groups lasted between one and three hours and I’d walk away with around $75. You can get involved in market research studies online at Mobile Expression and Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel.

Rate: $50 – $100 per study

Idea #9 – Become a Note Taker

Colleges are required to offer services for any student that needs extra assistance. One of these services is note taking where you’ll get paid to take class notes for another student. There are also opportunities outside of school notes like note taking for the disabled and senior citizens. Check out your local Health and Human Services department to get paired up with someone in need and start earning extra cash. 

Rate: $11 – $12 per hour

Idea #10 – Sell Your Class Notes

If you’re not selling your class notes in college then it’s time to start. A website called StudySoup lets students sell their notes online. Many of these students are making between $5,000 and $10,000 just by selling their class notes. This is one side hustle for college students to look into.

Rate: $0 – $10,000

Idea #11 – Enter Scholarship Competitions

Most people don’t know that there are thousands of scholarships to be had, yet very few students take advantage of all this free money. All you have to do is find scholarships that you qualify for and simply apply. The craziest part is that many of these scholarships have very few applicants so your chances of winning one of these scholarships is good! 

Rate: $5,000 – $10,000

Idea #12 – Drive for Lyft or Uber

If you have a four door car, you can become a rideshare driver for companies like Lyft or Uber or both and earn extra money. Depending on how much time you spend driving, you can make an extra $1,000 a month or more. 

I’ve had several friends drive for Lyft and Uber for some extra money and have actually enjoyed it and had a great experience. Sign up for Lyft or Uber here. 

Rate: $0 – $1,000+ per month

Idea #13 – Drive or Bike for UberEATS

Not into driving strangers around in your car or don’t have a car at all? UberEATS pays you to pick up and deliver food to customers. If you live in a bike-friendly city, you can deliver food on your bike. 

Rate: $8 – $12 per hour (depending on vehicle expenses)

Idea #14 – Sell Your Plasma

This may sound like an odd idea, but donating plasma is a popular (and creative) way to earn some extra cash. There are some physical guidelines that must be met in order to qualify to donate your blood plasma, like weight. The more poundage, the more plasma, the more cash you get. Check out to see if you’re eligible and where you can donate. 

Rate: $20 – $50 per donation

Idea #15 – Sell Your Old Textbooks

Selling your old textbooks most likely won’t make you much money but it’s a good way to get some of your money back for the books you no longer need. Having said that, some entrepreneurial students have found a way to profit by selling used textbooks. 

Rate: varies

Idea #16 – Teach Computer Basics to Older Folks

There are plenty of people, especially over the age of 60 that don’t know how to use a computer. You can actually use your knowledge to teach older people how to operate and navigate computers. Reach out to a local senior citizen group or senior living centers and see if there’s a need. 

Rate: $12 – $15 per hour

Idea #17 – Become a Tutor

If you’re good at an academic subject, you can earn some good money working as a tutor on the side. Tutors are needed for any subject, but English, Math and Science are typically in the highest demand. 

Rate: $20 per hour

Idea #18 – Flip Furniture

If you’re at all handy, searching for old or used furniture to refinish and sell can make you an extra $1,000 or more depending on how much time you’re willing to spend. I’ve refinished old and built new furniture to sell and made a good amount of cash. Take advantage of online platforms to quickly and easily sell your goods. 

Rate: $0 – $1,000+

Idea #19 – Housesit

Another great idea for how to make an extra $1,000 a month is to find house sitting gigs. People will pay hundreds of dollars for you to stay at their house, especially if they’re away for more than a week. Put some feelers out there to the people who know and trust you or go online and signup with a company that arranges house sitting jobs. 

Rate: $25 – $80 per day

Idea #20 – Sell Clothes to Consignment Shops

Why not sell the lightly used clothing that’s been hanging in the back of your closet and make some extra cash. Consignment stores will pay decent money for your old clothes – as long as they’re in good shape. My sister cleans out her closet at least once a year and takes all of the clothes she no longer wears to consignment stores and always comes back with a wad of cash. 

Rate: $10 – $100+

More Ideas for College Students to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

  • Computer Support
  • Investing Your Money
  • Fixing & Flipping Cars
  • Cleaning Houses
  • Home Repairs
  • Recycle Cans & Bottles
  • Recycle Scrap Metal
  • Sell Stuff on Craigslist, eBay
  • Do User Testing Online
  • Become a YouTube Video Blogger
  • Charge e-Scooters

10 Ideas for Teenagers to Make Extra Money

So you’re a teenager looking to make some extra money? Whether you want to earn cash for those new Kobe basketball shoes, the latest Xbox or just to start saving, these 10 ideas will help teenagers make extra money.

Infographic Highlighting - Ideas For Teenagers to Make Extra Money

Idea #1 – Be a Camp Counselor

One great way to earn some extra money as a teenager is to apply for a job as a camp counselor. It’s more of a seasonal gig but you can work for three months and earn decent money. Plus, it’s a great first job for your resumé! 

Rate: $235 – $306 per week

Idea #2 – Babysit or Nanny

Babysitting jobs can pay $10 an hour or more. Finding people to babysit for can be as easy as reaching out to your neighbors and letting them know you’re available.

Word should travel fairly quickly and the babysitting jobs may come pouring in. The only caveat here is that you have to love kids. It’s also a plus to become CPR certified. It will give parents another great reason to hire you to watch their kid(s). 

Rate: $10+ per hour

Idea #3 – Do Yard Work

Yard work can range from mowing lawns regularly to seasonal jobs like shoveling snow, raking leaves or trimming bushes. If you’re up some manual labor, get out there and offer these services to the neighborhood. It’s easy to be competitive with professional landscapers because you can work for less money than they’ll charge. 

Rate: $10+ per hour

Idea #4 – Become a Golf Caddy

I got my first official job at a local golf course and worked there until I went off to college. Despite some very early mornings, it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. And if you’re a golfer, like I am, that’s even better! The work is pretty easy but definitely requires some level of physical activity. You’ll get to meet and connect with tons of people, which is a great opportunity to network and maybe even lend a hand down the road, like getting into a specific college or landing a job. It’s all about who you know! 

Rate: $10+ per hour

Idea #5 – Clean Windows

When my brother was in high school, he and one of his buddies started a window washing ‘business’ to make extra money. They scoured neighborhoods and handed out flyers. They managed to find enough window washing jobs to make a decent amount of money. It’s not particularly hard and it doesn’t cost much to get started. All you really need is a squeegee and a bottle of Windex. 

Rate: $2 – $7 per pane – varies based on house / property

Idea #6 – Sell Your Old Stuff

Take a quick inventory of all your stuff. Consider selling anything of value that you haven’t used for a year or more. Electronics like an old video game console, video games you’ve already beaten, iPods, headphones etc., can be big money makers. You’d be surprised at how much cash you can come up with simply by selling the stuff you no longer need or use.

Rate: varies

Idea #7 – Walk Dogs

Dog walking gigs can often be more lucrative than pet-sitting because it’s usually more consistent. Many full-time workers need someone to walk their dogs everyday or several times a week. You can even walk multiple dogs at a time and start raking in the dough. And since you can walk dogs in your neighborhood, there’s no need to have a car.

Rate: $15 – $20 per 20-minute walk

Idea #8 – Iron Clothes

This is one of the more unique ways to earn some extra money every month. When I was in high school, my dad would pay my sister and I to iron his shirts. It was great because we could do it from home and it was super easy. If your parents take their work shirts to the dry cleaners, ask if they’ll pay you to do it instead! 

Rate: $2 – $3 per shirt

Idea #9 – Remove Junk

If you have a driver’s license and access to a vehicle, you could be making some good money getting rid of people’s junk. You may be able to help remove stuff out of a basement or garage and then take it to be disposed of. You can charge an hourly rate or flat free, depending on the project. 

Rate: $15+ per hour / varies

Idea #10 – Ref at a School and/or Sport

If sports are your thing, this could be the perfect gig for you! Parks and recreation departments are always looking for people to ref city league games for all different ages and sports. Schools are also typically in need of people to ref games. It’s an excellent side job for teenagers because the games are always on nights and weekends. 

Rate: $15 – $18 per hour

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are no longer lacking in ideas for how to make an extra $1,000 a month. There are any number of reasons you might want or need to make more money. Perhaps you’re looking to pay off your student loans quickly. Maybe you don’t have as much money in savings as you would like. Or you want to have enough money to travel, pursue your passions and not feel stuck in a job. No matter your professional or personal circumstance, there are always ways to make some extra cash.

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