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Customized Financing Products to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

Aristotle Kumpis RealWealth Investment Counselor

Aristotle Kumpis


Webinar Description

In today’s real estate market, investors are looking for creative ways to finance their properties. With interest rates climbing, there are other types of loans that may work better for your situation and strategy.

Are you beyond your 10 Fannie/Freddie loans? Under a tight deadline and need financing secured sooner than 4-6 weeks? Or maybe you’re looking for a lender who specializes in helping individual investors scale their portfolios with tailor-made lending products.

Join us in this video where we speak with RCN Capital who specializes in helping real estate investors find unique and flexible financing options to grow their portfolios.

RCN Capital offers many loan products, including:

Discover the power of

long term investing

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  • ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages)
  • Financing for investors that already have 10 Fannie/Freddie loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Long term financing
  • New construction
  • Fix And Flip

If you have questions about creative financing, you don’t want to miss this special webinar.

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Aristotle Kumpis RealWealth Investment Counselor
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