ATOMIC Connections at Our Annual Company Retreat



The RealWealth team gathered in Park City, Utah, during the first week of October for our annual all-company retreat. The group get-together serves several purposes but topping that list is a review of how we’ve done this past year, and how we can build and improve upon our plans for the coming year.

Reconnect and Have Fun!

Since we all work remotely, the meeting gave us a chance to reconnect for work-related reasons and for some personally-challenging outdoor fun. We stayed at a beautiful lodge where we could hold our all-day meeting.

Our three meeting goals:

  1. Connect with other team members
  2. Share progress reports from department leaders
  3. Give each team member a voice in company plans

2020 Mission for 50,000 Members

We began with a review of our mission, which is to help more than 50,000 people experience real wealth by the year 2020. We define Real Wealth has having both the time and the money to live life on your terms.

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We also have the goal of donating $1 million to our charitable foundation by 2020. Our Real Wealth Foundation is a way for our members to “give back” to people with fewer opportunities for success. We donate funds to four organizations including Mentors International, Operation Smile, Youth Opportunity Center, and Habitat for Humanity.

RealWealth Purpose, Mission & Core Values: AtomicYear Two of our ATOMIC Values

How we accomplish our goals is also important, and very much connected to our values which are represented by the word ATOMIC:

A – Accountability
T – Transparency
O – Optimism
M – Mastery
I – Integrity
C – Connection

Our values are the foundation of our relationships with each other and our network of investors. They are non-negotiable in a world of real estate deals that are often quite negotiable. Having a firm foundation in ethical behavior provides stability for every other part of our organization.

Looking Back with an Eye to the Future

One of the most important parts of this meeting was a review of our recent successes and wins. Here are some of the highlights of that discussion:

  1. Grew our membership by 6,278 members
  2. Hired 4 new employees with 22 members of our team at the retreat
  3. Added 5 new R.E.A.L. Income Property™ property teams for a total of 18
  4. Held two East Coast Events in Orlando, Florida and Detroit, Michigan
  5. Updated our R.E.A.L. income property “rent ready” standards
  6. Created of an Advisory Board to ease new property teams into the network
  7. Launched our first Single Family Rental Fund which now has more than 40 properties
  8. Funded new syndications, including our Reno, Park City, and Bozeman subdivisions
  9. Created an accreditation gate for investors who want to know about syndications
  10. Provided 100% investor response and follow-up to inquiries

And then, of course, we had our challenges… These are some of the issues we identified, and plan to resolve this year:

  • Help investors keep track of their properties with portfolio management software
  • Further develop our commercial brokerage
  • Grow our syndication due diligence department so that we can review more deals

Team Members that “Hang” Together, “Thrive” Together

On “day two” of our get-together, we piled into a karaoke bus (epic!), and went to Olympic Park for a team-building adventure on the Summit Adventure Course. That’s a rope course where you tiptoe along wires and dangling footholds between platforms on tall poles.

Team members cheered each other on as they confronted their own fears, and abilities for a mid-air balancing act. Of course, we were wearing safety harnesses in the event of a slip and fall, but when you are walking on a wire 25 or 50 feet above the cold, hard ground, it’s easy to forget you are wearing a harness!

Amazingly, most of our members ended up walking on the higher-level course — even those who swore they wouldn’t do it at all.

Third Day Was a Bonus Day

Some of us stayed for a third day to tour our Park City new home development. The underground utilities are now in place, and the roads are being built. You can even see the start of some foundation work. We had several investors join us, along with members of our team.

It’s a Wrap!

There was plenty of good food and wine during our multi-day event, and plenty of positive thoughts about our company and where we are headed next.

One of the biggest things we’ll be focusing on in 2019 is investing in “Opportunity Zones.” You can find out more about those by listening to these three webinars: Qualified Opportunity Zones Simplified, Opportunity Zones Further Defined, and RealWealth’s Plans for Opportunity Zones. And if you want to find out about some of the things we’ve got planned in those areas, you’ll need to fill out this investor questionnaire, per S.E.C. rules. This way you will be able to receive email updates, announcements of new projects and invitations to live events that provide all the details on our future OZone funds.

Here are some comments from our RealWealth team members about our retreat:

Maggie: “I’ve been to a bunch of these and have seen where we leave off and pick up again. It’s cool to see actual growth and departments that have become more stable.”

Amy & Tim: “Great way to connect and remind us that we are all one interconnected company.”

Mariah: “It’s really cool to hear everyone’s perspective, and to collaborate for the good of the team and our members.”

Donna: “I’m impressed by all the ideas and creativity and enthusiasm in this room.”

Jill: “I love the envisioning and future planning. It’s inspiring, and powerful.”

Nick: “How productive we all are for a remote workforce. It’s a testament to our core values.”

Ben: “Love the karaoke bus to the restaurant!”

Kathy: “We should do this twice a year!”

Rich: “I love seeing the magic in the room today.”

From our RealWealth team:

Feeling grateful for each and every one of us, and each and every one of you!

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