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Webinar Replay: Where is the Housing Market Headed Covid-19

Where is the Housing Market Headed Due To COVID-19?

Wondering where the housing market is headed after COVID-19? Some people are predicting a quick overnight recovery, while others are expecting a deep, dark depression for years. How would real estate, and rental properties specifically, hold up in either scenario? In this webinar replay you’ll head from our CEO, Kathy Fettke and two other real estate experts, Rick Sharga and Daren Blomquist. Watch now…

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COVID-19: Some Good News for the Housing Market [Webinar]

COVID-19: Some Good News for the Housing Market

There’s a lot of terrifying news out there about COVID-19 and an impending crash in the housing market, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not all bad news. While unemployment numbers continue to rise, there are some real estate markets that are less affected than others. Kathy Fettke, an expert real estate investor who has been predicting trends for over 15 years, will share some bright spots in today’s economy, along with the demand for housing in those areas.

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