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Adjustable Rate Mortgages Explained Video

What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage & Why They’re Great for Investors

Hey, everybody. I’m Leah Collich with RealWealth, and I’m joined today by one of our preferred lenders, Caeli Ridge at Ridge, at Ridge Lending Group. I’ve asked her to come on today because all of us investors who work here at RealWealth are putting our heads together about what makes deals work today, and we’re all in agreement that it’s probably in your best interest for us to be advising you to use adjustable rate mortgages.

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Lending Update with Highlands Residential Mortgage

Video Transcript Leah Collich: Hey there everybody. I’m Leah Collich, an investment counselor here at Real Wealth. As many of you know, we are working daily, behind the scenes to find out what’s happening in these 18 or so different markets that we’re investing in. We’re also talking with experts in the space. We’re daily

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Real Estate Investor Horror Stories: Insurance

Real Estate Investor Horror Stories: Insurance

Webinar Description In our sixth-annual “Real Estate Investor Horror Stories” webinar, Investment Counselor Joe Torre is joined by Taylor Stowe, Director at RealProtect, one of RealWealth’s national insurance providers. In this webinar, they cover: A post mortem on Hurricane Ian and how it will affect insurance premiums and availability in Florida and elsewhere The top

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How To Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio with a SDIRA Webinar

Grow Your Portfolio with a SDIRA (with Quest Trust)

Webinar Description More and more investors are looking to tap into their IRAs not only as an additional capital resource, but also to have greater control of their retirement account. During this webinar replay we are joined by one of our newest sponsors, Quest Trust. They will cover how to set up a SDIRA and

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Kathy Fettke's 2022 Q3 Housing Market Update Webinar

Kathy Fettke’s 2022 Q3 Housing Market Update

Webinar Description The Fed announced last week that rate hikes will continue into next year and that housing will face a “correction”. What does this aggressive stance mean for real estate investors? How do we play defense at times like this? Kathy Fettke, RealWealth Co-Founder, addresses these important questions (and more) in her 2022 Q3

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