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Investor Tips

If you’re like many new or aspiring real estate investors, you have a lot of questions. On this page you’ll find articles, videos, and podcast episodes that will teach you the do’s and don’ts. Learn how to avoid mistakes and maximize your chances for success.

Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate in 2022

Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate in 2022 & How You Can Maximize Return on New Investments

If you’re concerned about rising interest rates effect on real estate, you won’t want to miss this webinar with Graham Parham of Highlands Residential Mortgage, one of Real Wealth’s preferred mortgage lenders. Graham will talk about rising rates, whether or not they’ll continue to rise, and tell us about a game-changing solution to ward off the effects of higher rates.

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How To Collect Rent in a Post Covid-19 World?

How To Collect Rent in a Post-Covid World

The rules keep changing for real estate investors.
From the lockdowns of 2020 to nearly 18 months of ever-changing eviction moratoriums, from courts closing to Americans moving in droves, it seems like the ground beneath our feet just hasn’t stopped shifting. The best advice for collecting rents during the pandemic has already become outdated.

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House Hacking Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Investors

House Hacking: The Ultimate Guide for Investors

In this article, we’ll share the ultimate guide to house hacking for investors. Topics also include what is house hacking, creative house hacking strategies and ideas, the benefits and drawbacks of house hacking, financing options, pitfalls to avoid and the BRRRR strategy.

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Featured Image for Article - How to Save Money Fast And Invest it Wisely

How To Save Money Fast and Invest It Wisely

In this article, you will learn 25 tips for how to save money fast, along with 10 investment options and how much cash you’ll need for each. Following these money-saving tips can help you get on the fast-track to building your savings, securing your retirement future and growing your wealth through smart investing.

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