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Investor Tips

If you’re like many new or aspiring real estate investors, you have a lot of questions. On this page you’ll find articles, videos, and podcast episodes that will teach you the do’s and don’ts. Learn how to avoid mistakes and maximize your chances for success.

How Many Rental Properties to Make $100k Article

How Many Rental Properties Do You Need To Make $100k Annually

Real estate is nothing like a get-rich-quick scheme. Just like with every other venture, making money with real estate takes hard work and commitment. But once you get the hang of it, you can work your way towards the steady stream of income you are looking for.

In this article, we will explore just how many rental properties an investor needs to make $100k per year. You will also see tips and strategies for earning six figure rental income.

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5 Real Estate Investing Risks & How To Avoid Them Article

5 Types of Real Estate Investing Risks & How To Reduce Each

When you buy a stock or bond, all you can do is sit back and hope for the best. But when you buy real estate, you maintain far more control over your returns, risks, and results. Even better, you can accurately predict your returns and expenses before investing. As you start scaling your portfolio, keep an eye on these real estate investing risks — and try these techniques to mitigate them.

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What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing & How To Invest in it Safely - Featured Image

What is Turnkey Real Estate and How to Invest in it Safely?

Turnkey real estate is a term that has a big problem. And that problem is that there is no accepted definition of what “turnkey” actually means! Here at RealWealth, we know what WE define it as (more on that later), but there are many people in the industry that throw the term around so loosely that it has become almost meaningless. So, when asking yourself “what is turnkey real estate investing” just realize that there is no standard accepted definition, and that you have to be careful to know that who you are working with may have a much lower definition than you do.

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Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate in 2022

Rising Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate in 2022 & How You Can Maximize Return on New Investments

If you’re concerned about rising interest rates effect on real estate, you won’t want to miss this webinar with Graham Parham of Highlands Residential Mortgage, one of Real Wealth’s preferred mortgage lenders. Graham will talk about rising rates, whether or not they’ll continue to rise, and tell us about a game-changing solution to ward off the effects of higher rates.

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