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Investor Tips

If you’re like many new or aspiring real estate investors, you have a lot of questions. On this page you’ll find articles, videos, and podcast episodes that will teach you the do’s and don’ts. Learn how to avoid mistakes and maximize your chances for success.

How To Invest $500k To Make $1 Million Article

How to Invest $500,000 to Make $1 Million within Three Years

Given how volatile the stock market has been lately, and how anemic bond yields have been, many investors are looking for alternate asset classes in which to invest their money. If you’re looking to invest $500,000 to make $1 million, one asset class you should consider is real estate.

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What Makes Buying a Foreclosed Property Risky and How To Lessen That Risk Article

What Makes Buying a Foreclosed Property Risky & How to Lessen the Risk

Foreclosed properties, also known as distressed properties, are often cheaper than homes of comparable value on the market. They can turn out to be profitable investments, especially if you’re willing to put in the work. However, there are certain risks associated with foreclosed properties that you need to put into consideration before buying one.

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How To Access the MLS without a License and More Strategies for Finding Real Estate Inventory Article

How To Access MLS Without a License + More Strategies for Finding Inventory

In the competitive world of real estate, timely and accurate information is priceless. A multiple listing service or MLS is the real estate industry standard for finding properties to buy or listing homes to sell.

Access to an MLS is often restricted to licensed real estate agents and brokers. However, there are certain methods to get around this constraint and gain access to an MLS without a license.

In this article, we will discuss how to access mls without a license and other strategies you can employ to find real estate inventory.

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Real Estate Tools for Investors Article Image

17 Real Estate Tools For Investors To Boost Rental Profits

Real estate investing is a numbers game. Having more property options to choose from can increase your likelihood of finding the perfect rental. The more you know about the properties you’re looking at, the better your chances of negotiating a good deal. And the more efficiently you can manage all those properties once they’re yours, the higher your profit margin will be.

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