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If you want to grow and protect your wealth, staying up-to date on the latest real estate investing news and trends is essential. On this page you’ll find podcast episodes and articles with expert opinions, innovative investing strategies, and much more.

Number of Million Dollar Homes Doubles! (What Housing Bubble???)

The number of million dollar homes has nearly doubled since 2012, but this time it doesn’t seem to be fueled by foreign buyers. Million dollar homes used to be a rarity, but its become the norm in certain U.S. markets. According to data from Trulia, the share of million dollar homes in the U.S. has

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Happy Independence Day From RealWealth!

It has been 240 years since the Declaration of Independence asserted America’s sovereignty on July 4th of 1776. Did you know that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson passed away exactly 50 years later, on July 4 of 1826? I won’t be covering a news story today, but instead, I’ll share some good ‘ole American

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U-Haul Tracks Migration Patterns – Houston Still #1

Real estate investors need to pay attention to where people are living, and perhaps even more importantly, where they are moving. One way to stay on top of migration trends is to track the activity of moving trucks. U-Haul released its data on the Top 50 U.S. Destinations where more of it’s moving trucks were

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New FICO Credit Scoring Bill in Congress

Lenders may have made it a little easier to get a loan over the last three months, but a new survey shows they’ll be holding on tight to their money in the months ahead. Fannie Mae does a Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey every quarter that assesses the views of various bank executives. The second-quarter survey

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