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If you want to grow and protect your wealth, staying up-to date on the latest real estate investing news and trends is essential. On this page you’ll find podcast episodes and articles with expert opinions, innovative investing strategies, and much more.

Multi-Generational Living Gives Real Estate Investors More Opportunity

Families with several generations living under one roof are becoming more common. And it’s not “just” due to the Great Recession. Trulia posted a blog about multi-generational living in honor of “National Parents Day” on Sunday, July 24th. The real estate website says the latest Census data shows that 4.6% of all U.S. households are

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More Non-Performing Loans (NPL’s) Going to Non-Profits

Are you one of those investors who just loves to buy notes? And specifically, non-performing notes? If so, new HUD rules may help you do more of that. The Department of Housing and Development has announced plans to sell more of it’s pool of non-performing loans to non-profits and local governments, instead of private equity

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Does the Size of Your Deck Really Matter? says that size really does matter these days – specifically, the size of your deck. (Sorry, couldn’t resist…) More and more people are wanting an outdoor lifestyle, and an over-sized deck can provide that – even in more wintery parts of the country. reports that the size of decks and patios is growing

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Header Image for Article: Pokémon Go Sell Some Real Estate

Pokémon Go Sell Some Real Estate

Seeing people walk around while staring at their smart phones is nothing new. But thanks to the latest craze in the high tech world, Pokemon Go, these technically entranced people may find themselves walking right into your yard! Pokémon Go, a new app that was just released a few weeks ago, has stolen the collective

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More Dodd-Frank Housing Reform On the Way? Yikes

Top financial regulators say that time is running out and that Congress needs to act now, to further stabilize the housing finance system. Is that true, or have they done enough already – or perhaps too much? Financial regulators issued many new lending and housing laws after the the housing market collapsed in 2008. To

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How Interest Rate Hikes Affect Mortgages and Real Estate?

The Federal Reserve announced this week that it will raise rates for the first time since 2006. What does this mean for real estate investors, mortgages and the U.S. economy in general? First, a common misconception is that the interest rates set by the Federal Reserve are associated with mortgage rates. They are not the

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