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If you want to grow and protect your wealth, staying up-to date on the latest real estate investing news and trends is essential. On this page you’ll find podcast episodes and articles with expert opinions, innovative investing strategies, and much more.

Real Estate News for Investors Podcast Episode #265: Warren Buffett Backs Tiny Homes Movement

[REN #265] Warren Buffett Backs Tiny Homes Movement

Billionaire Warren Buffett is betting on something small in the real estate world. One of his Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries is going mainstream with tiny homes. It’s an idea that caters to the minimalist lifestyle and affordable housing needs. Learn more in this Real Estate News Podcast. Listen to the full episode or read the related article here.

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Banks Put on a Friendlier Face (But Will They Lend More Nicely?)

Bankers were blamed for the housing crash of 2008, and considered the evil scourges of society. Today, many of those banks are working on a makeover, to “put on a friendlier face”. The Texas-based company, Nationstar, is known for servicing delinquent loans during the mortgage meltdown. They took on delinquent loans and then tried to

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Header Image for Article: Tiny Homes Becoming a BIG Deal

Tiny Homes Becoming a BIG Deal

Downsizing is becoming a new trend as people choose to live in “tiny homes” that are efficient in every sense of the word. But are these pint-sized homes legal? You may have heard about the tiny home craze. These are homes that are typically less than 500 square feet. They have all the features of

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