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Financing Options

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How To Invest in Real Estate with Other People's Money Featured Image for Article

How To Invest in Real Estate with Other People’s Money

One of the best things about investing in real estate is the ability to use other people’s money (also called OPM) to fund your deal. Yet you get all the tax benefits, the appreciation, and the cash flow from that deal while somebody else pays your loan off for you. To write this article I

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Big Changes in Lending During COVID-19 & What It Means for Landlords WEBINAR

Big Changes in Lending During COVID-19 & What It Means for Landlords

While it’s a great time to take advantage of very low Interest rates, it’s also important to understand some of the big changes that have taken place in the mortgage industry. On today’s webinar, we’ll be joined by Joe McBreen and Maggie Mikaitis, a lending powerhouse duo with a combined 30+ years of mortgage experience.

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Important Changes To the Lending Industry COVID-19

Recent shocks to the economy are affecting lenders and landlords.  On this webinar, find out: How to properly apply for a mortgage forbearance Current low rates and available loan programs for investors Status of non-QM loans, flip, loans, portfolio, jumbo loans   What your lender wishes you knew?  We’ll be answering these questions and more on

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How to Accurately Predict Returns & Cash Flow for Any Rental Property

In this article you’ll learn how to predict ROI and potential cash flow when evaluating a rental property. Topics covered include how to account for property management fees, vacancy rate, repairs and maintenance, property taxes, insurance, HOA and condo fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Our guest author also explains how leverage can change the game when it comes to mortgages.

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