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Wondering how COVID-19 might be affecting the real estate market? What does it mean to be a landlord during a global pandemic? Get answers to these questions and more in the resources found here.

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Buying Investment Property: Is COVID-19 a Good Opportunity

In this article, find out if buying investment property during COVID-19 is a good opportunity. Also learn how to choose a strong real estate market and where the strongest housing markets are right now. Finally, discover important factors to consider before investing during the pandemic.

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COVID-19: 3 Possible Economic Outcomes Landlords Should Understand [Webinar]

COVID-19: 3 Possible Economic Outcomes Landlords Should Understand

No one really knows how quickly we will get back to “normal,” and some say maybe our future will be a “new” normal. As investors, we can’t predict the future but we can plan for the various possible outcomes. Join us as RealWealth Co-CEO, Kathy Fettke, shares her insights on how the housing market could be affected by COVID-19.

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